Did LeBron Hit Heckler Juliana Carlos’ Husband, Chris, With An ‘Ol Steroid Ass’ Burn?

More footage is starting to emerge from Monday night in Atlanta where the world was introduced to Juliana and Chris Carlos, the new Instagram celebrities who were kicked out of State Farm Arena for heckling LeBron James.

Juliana claims LeBron is to blame, though LeBron said after the game that he wasn’t too bothered by the heckling. He just thought the front-row Carlos crew had been enjoying drinks and that things escalated.

Mrs. Carlos claims Lebron “cussed” out her husband, so being the investigative journalist I am, I started looking into courtside footage to see if there’s any evidence the Lakers superstar took a shot at Chris Carlos.

What I found is one moment where it sounds like LeBron calls Chris an “ol’ steroid ass.” Here’s the footage. You make the call.

Juliana said on one of her Instagram Stories that LeBron went much further. She claims Lebron said, “Shut your mouth, you dumb b-tch.”

Footage of such language has yet to surface, but Clay has ordered me to investigate further and see what can be unearthed. This story continues to unfold. I have DMs in with both Chris and Juliana to get further comment. So far, the couple has been quiet.

However, Juliana did post what appears to be a shot of her passport showing she was born in 1995 to prove she’s 25 years old. “Keep dragging carry on,” she wrote on Instagram Story.





Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Lebron needs to patch things up with Fans before Fans en mass return to games full time.

    he is playing and practicing in his own virtual bubble.

    i keep asking: what else does LBJ do for fun? nobody knows, which is creepy. if he keeps antagonizing fans, he’ll have paparazzi following him forever just to tear him down.

    his anger at 75 million Americans for Voting for Trump won’t dissipate … forever until he admits he is Wrong and an A-hole.

    i’ll wait

  2. The new billionaire is not an heir to the DuPont fortune who went to Yale or Princeton, it’s a guy like this who came up with a great idea and monetized it. And with viagra or penal implants, steroids and 2 hours daily at the gym he can satisfy his hot 25 year old not just financially but sexually. The NBA is entertainment and this is great stuff!

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