Kings Hire Far-Left Moron Mark Jones, Fired 'All Lives Matter' Broadcaster

According to the Sacramento Kings, all lives do not matter. But hating the police does. It's accepted. In fact, it's a way to get a job.

The Kings fired announcer Grant Napear for saying, "All Lives Matter." The social media-driven franchise then hired ESPN's Mark Jones to replace him.

If you took September off the internet, no one knows who Mark Jones is. So, here is a refresher:

The ESPN employee operates a far-left Twitter account known as @MarkJonesESPN.

Instead of condemning the shooting of two police officers in Louisville in September, Jones went after the police force on Twitter, indicating they would rather shoot him than help him:

“Police never saved me. Never helped me,” Jones tweeted. “Never protected me. Never taken a bullet for me. (They’ve pulled guns on me) Never kept me safe in a protest. Never stopped the racist from taking my Black Lives Matter flag off my house. I could do without em. fr.

“Saturday at my football game I’ll tell the police officer on duty to 'protect' me he can just take the day off,” Jones adds. " I’d rather not have the officer shoot me because he feared for his life because of my black skin or other dumb ish. I’m not signing my own death certificate.”

Oh, I see.

Previously, Jones appreciated the police for helping him. Take a look:

Those awful police officers. How do they live with themselves?

But now in 2020, the unhinged ESPN broadcaster has been found liking gross tweets that mock Nick Bosa for suffering an injury that may cost him his career. How could a player's injury be funny? When the player supports President Donald Trump. Then Jones thinks it's okay to laugh.

As we've discussed previously, this is disgusting. ESPN should be ashamed, and Jones should be embarrassed. He's reveling in an injury because of a player's political opinions. This tells us everything we need to know about Mark Jones.

The Kings' newest broadcaster doesn't just hate police and enjoy MAGA-supporting players tearing their knees, he also retweets posts calling our president a “white supremacist terrorist.”

Mark Jones is a disgusting, hateful, deranged conspiracy theorist who isn't responsible enough to have a Twitter account. But his far-left ideas make him perfect for a job at ESPN and in the NBA.

We at OutKick don't call for anyone to be fired, except those who are too dumb to hold a job. As Clay Travis said, "ESPN should fire this idiot just for being that dumb. Fire him for idiocy."

ESPN, the NBA, the Kings, and Mark Jones — has there ever been a more gutless group?

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