Ethan Liming Murder Case Arrest Affidavits Reveal Disturbing Details From LeBron James' I Promise School Parking Lot

The investigation into the murder of 17-year-old Ethan Liming in the parking lot of LeBron James' I Promise school took a twist Tuesday when investigators revealed via arrest affidavits that the suspects moved Liming's car to a different part of the parking lot so the teen's friends couldn't rescue him and take him to the hospital.

Documents obtained by Fox News Digital allege murder suspects Donovon Jones, 21, DeShawn Stafford Jr., 20, and Tyler Stafford, 19, worked as a team to punch, kick, and ultimately murder school senior-to-be Liming.

Akron police, who have called Liming's murder "senseless" while also acknowledging there was a confrontation over the use of a water bead gel gun in what seems to be a prank turned murder, also allege Donovan Jones took the phone of one of Liming's friends as he tried to call 911.

Jonathan Sinn, who is representing DeShawn "Shawn" Stafford, doesn't dispute that his client was at the scene and acknowledges his clients grabbed the $70 SPLATRBALL water gun, but he told Fox News that his client didn't move the car to prevent Liming's friends from taking him to the hospital.


Sinn says the car was moved across the I Promise parking lot to keep Liming and his friends at the scene for when police showed up.

However, Sinn's client and the other suspects took off from the scene and it's unclear if his client called 911 to alert police to what was happening in the parking lot.

"My understanding is it wasn't moved in an effort to try and prevent anyone from getting help," Sinn said. "It was more of a situation of, 'You guys are going to stay here. You guys are gonna stay here until the cops come, you're going to have to explain the situation.’ So they didn't want the other boys taking off because they really felt they were in the right."

Akron investigators said last week that the beating death of Liming was not "remotely reasonable or justified."

All three suspects face murder and felonious assault charges. They pleaded not guilty during Monday's arraignment and remain in the Summit County Jail on $1 million bonds.

As for LeBron, he has stayed quiet on this case since his initial thoughts and prayers. He's back to tweeting about Taco Tuesday and posting rocket emojis on Uninterrupted podcast tweets.

Arrest affadavit filed in the Ethan Liming murder case in a parking lot at Lebron James' I Promise school / via Akron Police Department

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