Draymond Green Releases Super Cheesy 'Reflection' Video Regarding Jordan Poole Punch

Draymond Green knocked it out of the park with his latest on-camera performance.

Releasing an ultra-dramatic, ultra-stylized video for TNT's "The Countdown," featuring Green, the Golden State Warriors forward put on a brave face to discuss the viral video that showed him knocking teammate Jordan Poole cold during a practice session.

If you're one of the people that saw the footage as "Draymond assaulted Poole," Green wants to open your mind to help see the human behind the sucker punch. The 20-minute documentary will focus on Green's "recovery" from the incident.

The video was over the top.


"Can’t change the events that happened, but we can control what happens moving forward, and that’s where we are," Green said, facing a ring light and speaking over a dramatic song.

Green's "comeback" angle to the Poole altercation, just two weeks since the incident occurred, was packed with the veteran forward's knack for theater.

"You never really know people’s opinions right away, so you give people some time to throw their opinion out, which quite frankly I don’t care about people’s opinion," he added.


"To be totally honest with you, I never really knew how much it blew up. Because I don’t spend much time searching Instagram or looking through comments."

Green shared that it felt like a blindsiding hit when he found out the practice footage went viral.

"I don’t really read many tweets at all, so I was at home chilling with my children. If you want me to be honest with you, I still don’t know how much the world may think it blew up."

On Oct. 5, Green and Poole were clashing during a practice session. It ended when the veteran player delivered a Superman punch to Poole's face, which according to ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith undoubtedly knocked out the player.

The Warriors announced an internal discipline for Draymond until TMZ released the practice footage and inspired Golden State to throw in a fine. No suspensions were handed as a result.

The reigning-champion Warriors open the season against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night.

Reports that followed Green's discipline news added that the team did not want to sideline Draymond for their pre-game championship ring ceremony.