Draymond Green: Grizzlies Fans Got What They Deserved When I Gave Them The Bird

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green got elbowed in the face and then jeered. So he felt he had every right to give fans of the Memphis Grizzlies the double bird during Game 2 of their first-round playoff series on Tuesday.

And that is exactly what Green did, as relayed by our Alejandro Avila.

In case you missed it, Green's actions occurred while he headed toward the locker room. He suffered a swollen eye and bloodied face before that, after taking a brutal elbow from Grizzlies' Xavier Tillman.

"You’re gonna boo someone who got elbowed and has blood running down (his) face, you should get flipped off," Green told reporters. "I’ll take the fine.”

Granted, Green brings on a lot of the hate himself. He is a villain in all other 29 NBA cities. But if he's guilty of anything, it's playing with great passion and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Every sports fan wants an athlete like that on their team. They just don't like it when that guy plays for someone else.


He also has a way of getting opposing fans going by first taunting them. Despite your opinion of that aspect, it's just Green being Green.

"Green has always embraced the villain role, and this was no different," wrote Steve DelVecchio of Larry Brown Sports. "He taunted Memphis fans in Game 1 after he was ejected for a flagrant foul, so they probably felt they were returning the favor."