Anthony Davis Celebrated LeBron James Historic Moment By Not Leaving The Bench

Anthony Davis had the best seat in the house when NBA history was made Tuesday night.

The entire basketball world was tuned into witness the Los Angeles Lakers host the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Everyone wanted to see history made, with LeBron James needing to score 36 points to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabaar as the NBA's all-time scoring leader.

With all eyes fixated on James in the third quarter, he caught a pass, did a turnaround jumper and nailed the two-pointer to cement himself into basketball history.


The arena lost their minds. The crowd erupted. The game was even put on pause. Kareem came out to congratulate LeBron. Hell, even Commissioner Adam Silver did a whole presentation.

Everyone wanted to celebrate LeBron's historic achievement. Something that we may not see again for decades, if ever.

Everyone that is... except Anthony Davis.

New video footage captured Davis' lack of excitement for James and it is hilarious. He doesn't care one bit. He's just chillin on the bench. Literally everyone - even the crowd in the background is on their feet.

Not AD though. Nope, he couldn't be bothered.


I can't help but laugh at his reaction. Doesn't even clap. He's just like "yeah well, whatever, I could do the same thing." It's like that person we all have come across in our lives that no matter what, they are always miserable. It's always SOMETHING with them, ya know? They have a comment about everything. Can never be happy for anybody else. That's Davis here all in one scene.

However, come to think of it, maybe WE are the ones that are at fault here. Yes, we should be ashamed of ourselves for making fun of someone who was (probably) just worried that they would get hurt if they left the bench area.

You need to realize that Davis is a fragile individual. He's so injury-prone that he probably didn't want to risk jumping up and down in celebration because he would probably tear his Achilles. And to go out and meet James on the court? Too many people. It was a hazardous situation and Davis can't be risking his health.

I kid, but only slightly.

Just as James' new scoring record is something special, so is the 29-year-old Davis' injury history.

In 2020 he only played 36 games. Last year, he only played 40 games. He's already missed 19 games so far this season after various injuries.

You know it's bad when Charles Barkley nicknamed Davis "street clothes," because of all the times he's on the bench and unable to play.

To be fair, Davis did eventually congratulate LeBron later on. Sort of. And he did so from the comfort of his home - the Lakers bench.