NBA Responds to Senator Josh Hawley, Who Threatens to Make Adam Silver Testify to Senate

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The NBA has finally responded to Senator Josh Hawley’s email asking if it’d allow players to wear “Free Hong Kong” on the back of their jerseys.

Not surprisingly, all of the NBA’s answers are awful. All of them.

“Unable to respond to this hypothetical question.” Yeah, answer 4 is laughable. As Hawley asked, has the NBA forgotten what started this mess? Or, more accurately, brought its hypocrisy to light?

No, your eyesight is not deteriorating. Not a single sentence from the NBA denounced the inhumane actions of its business partner, China.

Hawley’s dunking on the NBA continued. “The whole letter is a joke. Reads like lawyers in Beijing drafted it,” the senator tweeted. He’s not wrong. Maybe Beijing at least proofread it?

“Maybe it’s time to hear directly from Adam Silver. On Capitol Hill. Under oath,” Hawley ended it with. Man, what a content treat that’d be.

The NBA remains the biggest joke in sports. With that said, at least the email didn’t send a “fuck you.” We know how that goes…

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Adam Silver and the majority of players are supporting China’s reeducation camps and the silencing of all the people that disagree with the central government of China. They have a policy that would make the Chinese government proud. No players have the ability to support the police on their uniforms. The NBA with the top players support, control the narrative with an iron fist. They refuse to engage unless it is to bash all who are not in line with Black Lives Matter or who support President Trump. Outkick is great at giving the opposing view to the NBA and mainstream media a voice.

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