NBA is Severely Damaged

Clay Travis discussed the NBA’s historic ratings collapse on Outkick the Show.

The NBA Finals are a disaster. Game 3 set another all-time low with not even 6 million viewers.

“No one in the woke sports media is talking about this,” Clay started. “They don’t want to acknowledge the truth.”

“The NBA’s brand has been severely damaged for years to come.”

The 2020 NBA Finals are down 70% from two years ago, the last time LeBron James was in the Finals.

“They decided to not play games because a guy refused to comply with police officers. This is a shameful performance by the NBA.”

What the full segment here:

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  1. Rumor has it next year the Commish has offered to do Celebrity Horse around the association every Tuesday evening. Celebrities are encouraged to sign up now (A listers get preference). Where he will be is TBD, but look up in the rafters for the balloon netting as a clue.

  2. The NBA is pretty much dead to me. Political grandstanding and shitting on the US aside – the game itself has gone downhill a lot over the years. Mid-2000’s is about the time when any kind of physical play/defense went out the window. On the offensive side the post up and mid-range game is dead. It’s all dunks and 3 balls, there are no traveling calls, and everything is a foul.

  3. I don’t see a lot of strategy in the NBA. It has become way too much of a “players” league and some of the players are clueless. LeBron James has been arrogant but what should we expect? He has been getting his tail kissed since he was in high school and was wealthy beyond the imagination of most people before he turned 20 years old. He would have benefited from someone telling him to shut up, listen, and learn but his talent enabled him to bypass that part of life. I’ve turned on the NBA because it has become too political but I have questioned the product on the court for years. We finished 5th at the FIBA World Championships with NBA players. I know basketball is getting more popular but finishing behind soccer powers and nations with populations smaller than California is proof the NBA has a bad product. We had guys who looked like they never saw a pick and roll before. Yes, I watched all of the games and it wasn’t pretty. I think Adam Silver needs to fall on the sword here.

  4. Mark Cuban could not be reached for comment!

    Keep up the great reporting outkick.

    Suggestion to put a score ticker that way I won’t have to to the woke for letter site to check. I’ve given up watching most sports but still interested in following from afar.

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