NBA Journeyman Criticizes LeBron James’ Vaccine Stance

Enes Kanter likely won’t be getting a call for a cameo in any upcoming Space Jam sequels. Not after the NBA journeyman went after megastar LeBron James for his stance on COVID-19 vaccinations. Days after LeBron took to social media to agree with Draymond Green’s opinion that the vaccine has become “political,” Kanter said he was disappointed in James and called the situation ridiculous.

“You know, when I heard it, I was very disappointed and it is ridiculous,” said Kanter to CNN’s Pamela Brown. “Obviously LeBron James, he’s one of the faces of the league. And he should be the first one to go out there and say, listen, everyone, I got the vaccine and I’m encouraging everyone, my community, everyone, basketball fans, non-basketball fans, all sport fans to go out, get this vaccine so we could save other lives. So when I heard that, I just can’t believe it. But I hope he could educate himself about this vaccination and encourage other people around him.”

Safe to say James, who is vaccinated, won’t be nudging the Lakers to acquire Kanter ahead of the 2021-22 campaign. “I think everyone has their own choice to do what they feel is right for themselves and their family,” James told reporters last week, per the USA Today.

“We’re talking about individuals’ bodies,” James continued. “We’re not talking about something that’s political or racism or police brutality and things of that nature.”

A chatty and opinionated Kanter, who signed with Celtics this offseason, may be just what the NBA needs to rekindle the historic Lakers-Celtics rivalry.



Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Let me know when they start forcing vaccines for anti biotic resistant TB, diphtheria ,hepatitis all forms, mumps ,influenza I could go on but we all know this push on just the covid deal is political bs and its grown mighty tiresome.

  2. This is why Kanter is a journeyman. Take that sellout shit somewhere else. Lebron is a BILLIONAIRE….The haters can kiss his rich black ass. Why don’t you ask Tom Brady to talk to his MAGA people because they sure don’t listen to Clay and The VERY FINE PEOPLE of Outkick…ijs

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