NBA Gets Pressed On Enes Kanter Freedom’s ‘Zero’ All-Star Votes

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The NBA released their results for All-Star fan votes on Thursday, which drew ire on its own with the likes of Andrew Wiggins being named a starter over more credible selections.

Compounding the snubs and flops was the NBA’s silencing of the people’s vote when it came to Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom.

The full list of NBA players eligible for All-Star consideration was available on their online database, and a perceptive fan searched out results for Enes Kanter Freedom — stunned to find that the increasingly popular human rights activist got zero recognition. With zero votes tallied.

A day after the votes were released, the database was updated to reveal 8,384 fan votes for Enes.

According to Larry Brown Sports, an NBA spokesman clarified that the issue “was due to a technical error related to Enes’ name change from “Kanter” to “Freedom.’”

Initial speculations arose as to whether this was the Association’s retaliation against the player’s noted anti-China activism, or another cyberattack fomented by the CCP and Russian to suppress Freedom.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Anybody and I do mean anybody that watches NBA basketball knows Enis is NO WHERE near being an all star. The writer of this column knows this because in his off time from being a Maga Outkick writer he covers the NBA like he’s part of the culture and understands the game.

    This is nothing but gaslighting and pandering. I think the hoop world needs to know what type of guy is in their midst. Ijs

  2. Funny how these technical glitches always work against conservatives. The NBA is married to the CCP. Plus it’s a shitty product. Their viewership numbers prove it which is why they have to rely on slave owners’ cash to survive. The NBA can spare me their social justice narrative. It’s complete horseshit.

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