NBA Finals Start Time Being Moved Up As League Finally Grasps The Concept Of Time

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Sports fans, remember this date, April 26, 2023, as the day the NBA actually made a smart decision regarding the start time of the NBA Finals.

According to Front Office Sports, each NBA Finals game will tip off before 9:00 PM ET for the first time in 20 years. The Finals will begin a half-hour earlier than in years past.

This is a win for everyone not living on West Coast time, but it’s about time the middle of the country gets to watch the NBA Finals without showing up to work the next day like a zombie.


Folks on the West Coast may have to leave work a bit early or watch the first quarter on their phones, but hey, a little adversity for people living in states that border the Pacific Ocean will be good for them.

Games being bumped up 30 minutes may not seem like that big of a game changer, but that’s about the time it takes to play a quarter. With commercial breaks stretching out a bit longer throughout the Finals as well, that 30-minute bump up could make a serious difference in the viewing experience, and in the best way possible.

Diehard NBA fans would watch the Finals if they tipped off at 2:00 AM ET, but the casual fan on the East Coast getting to actually enjoy the game and get to bed before midnight is a big win.

Shoutout to the NBA and networks for grasping the concept of time in 2023. Good for them.

Written by Mark Harris

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