NBA Analyst Says Kevin Durant Needs To Get Married, Claims It Would Teach Him When To Pick His Battle With Critics

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Kevin Durant isn’t one to shy away from critics. Whether it be in person, from his own Twitter account, or a burner account, Durant will be quick to respond to his many trolls out there. At this point of his career, KD calling out his critics is part of his reputation. But one NBA analyst believes he needs to chill out with the conflicts.

How can he start avoiding said conflicts? Get married, of course.

Hoops analyst Ric Bucher made the suggestion for KD during Thursday’s edition of ‘Speak‘ on FS1. He believes marriage would teach Durant a thing or two about picking his battles.

“Kevin Durant needs to get married,” Bucher stated.

“Kevin Durant needs a relationship that teaches him what you have to respond to and what you just let go. And that, for me, is what marriage taught me, what’s really important.”

Kevin Durant needs to get married, according to Eric Bucher. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Kevin Durant Speaks To His Critics

Bucher’s comments were in response to Durant recently telling Yahoo Sports that he doesn’t need credit or validation from any opinionists out there.

“I don’t need no credit from y’all, no credit from [Barkley], no credit from Shaq. Y’all don’t ever have to watch me play ever again, don’t talk about me if you don’t [rock] with me.

“I’m not gonna stop doing what I do. Everybody has their opinions, man. It’s not gonna stop me and how I approach the game.”


While a media member telling a superstar athlete – or anyone for that matter – to go get married is always going to come across as a bit weird, Bucher does make a valid point.

Marriage is a life-changing endeavor that changes your reality, it absolutely teaches you how to compromise on things and puts a new perspective on what matters (your family) and what doesn’t (critics and trolls).

Written by Mark Harris

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