Nashville McDonald’s Drive-Thru Argument Leads To Punches, Van Used As A Weapon

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Emotions boiled over in a Nashville McDonald’s drive-thru over the weekend and left one man battered and arrested for using his van as a weapon. The Metro Nashville Police Department arrested 44-year-old David Steier for assaulting his drive-thru opponent.

Fox17-Nashville reports that the Micky D’s fisticuffs started after a man in a truck behind Steier “drove around Steier to enter into the second drive-thru lane. The victim says Steier was yelling and cussing at him for driving into the second line, the victim exiting his truck to speak with Steier which then turned into an argument.”

That’s when things got heated. The man who spoke to Steier banged his hand on the van and that sent Steier into a rage, according to the police report.

The two men traded blows before both retreated to their corners and they got into their vehicles.

Man arrested McDonalds fight Nashville
David Steier, 44, was arrested over a Nashville McDonald’s fight / via Metro Nashville Police Department

That’s when, according to video surveillance, Steier backed his van into the victim’s truck and pushed it across the parking lot and into a Burger King parking lot. The truck collided with cars and now David is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Let’s analyze this for a minute:

The big red pin drop is on the McDonald’s. Look at the parking lot setup. Now look at the path to Burger King. Steier’s accused of pushing the victim’s truck through the Hardee’s lot and into the King lot. That’s quite a haul. Think of all the innocent victims that could’ve been run over by such an action.

Think about it, David!

Nashville McDonald's fight
Nashville McDonald’s / Google Earth

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