NASCAR Truck Series Driver Gets Halfway Out Of Burning Car Before It Slams Wall

A scary moment during Saturday’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race at Tega involved one driver being airlifted to a nearby hospital.

On lap 19 of the Chevy Silverado 250, driver Jordan Anderson’s No. 3 Chevrolet burst into flames. As his truck came off the banking, viewers caught a glimpse of the terrifying sight of Anderson trying to escape the burning car just as it made contact with the inside wall.

That was a very close call.

It appeared that Anderson heard the call to get out of the car and started doing so before it had ground to a halt. Thankfully he escaped the blaze and was quickly tended to by medical crews. He was then taken by the hospital to a nearby hospital.

Later that evening, Anderson tweeted out an update on his condition.

Anderson revealed that he suffered second-degree burns on his neck face, right arm, hands, and knees. He also noted that doctors were clearing him to leave the hospital that same day and that he would be healing up within weeks.

Fortunately, it sounds as though he is going to be alright.

Anderson had started five races this season, and Talladega marked his second DNF of the year.

Cars catching on fire has been on a lot of people’s minds a lot recently, but it’s usually concerning the NASCAR Cup Series’s Next Gen car. There have been several instances of those cars catching on fire, along with other safety concerns.

The Truck Series vehicles haven’t undergone that kind of radical change from previous seasons. This year, the trucks saw aesthetic updates to their bodies. This was to make the trucks look more like their road-ready counterparts.

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