NASCAR Driver Says Bubba Wallace ‘Needs To Get His Sh*t Together’

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It hasn’t exactly been a stellar year for Bubba Wallace. Far from it.

Instead of being near the top of the NASCAR Cup Series standings, Wallace is floundering in 21st place as a member of Michael Jordan’s new race team.

Fellow driver Denny Hamlin offered some thoughts on what may be working against Wallace.

“You’ve got to just optimize your day. That’s something that team has not really done a great job throughout the year is finish where you’re running,” Hamlin said in an interview with Fox’s Bob Pockrass. “They’ve run inside the top 10 in three races and had a car capable of contending for a top 5, and mistakes take them out of it.”

Meanwhile, driver Martin Truex’s message was a little more direct. “You tell the No. 23, he better get his s*** together,” Truex said during a race.

Wallace finished 11th in Sunday’s race at Dover International Speedway, won by Alex Bowman. So clearly, there is still some work to be done.

“I think they’ve really got to work on their execution,” Hamlin said. “Bubba has to continue to evolve as a driver. Put the work in and concentrate on how he can do his job to the best of his ability. Use all of the tools that are at his disposal.”

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. What they mean to say is “You can either be a good race car driver or you can you can be a woke assclown like Colin Kraperdick, but you cannot be both”.

    Of course, they can’t say that, because NASCAR has swallowed the woke Kool-aid by the tankerful.

  2. Wallace is strictly a Quota Hire by Jordan. Wallace is between the 20-25th best driver on the circuit. Nascar has the gall to put his face on the main page and on their cover on the show. It’s an embarrassment. That’s like putting a guy i the Major Leagues who is strictly a pinch hitter as their cover guy

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