NASA’s Mars Rover Found What Some Think Is A Crashed Martian Aircraft

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Did NASA just find irrefutable proof of intelligent life once inhabiting Mars?

People who spend hours upon hours combing the internet for that kind of thing sure think so.

For the last few years, NASA’s Perseverance rover has been cruising around the Martian landscape snapping photos of anything it sees like an obnoxious tourist. Perseverance isn’t just taking photos for the ‘Gram. These are giant, high-res photos that are made up of a bunch of stitched-together images, and one of them of a Martian hillside caught one UFO believer’s attention.

The reason, it looks as though there’s a crashed spacecraft in the photo. He stuck the photos on his website,

He even made a nifty video.

If you don’t have time to sit and watch the video, here’s what you can see.

A crashed spacecraft, or just some rocks? (NASA)

“Guys I found this crashed UFO last night when looking at a Mars gigapan photo,” the Ufologist wrote. “The UFO is about 10-13 meters across and would have held at least six people but probably more.”

Hmm… looks a bit like a cockpit doesn’t it? Especially when one throws some yellows and blues on top to outline where the windows would be like this guy did in his video.

He also noted how the back part of the craft appears solid (like rocks?) to keep technical components from getting jostled around.

Mars in all of its cold, reddish-orange glory. (Photo by Space Frontiers/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Martian Rocks Or Martian Wreckage?

I’m going to need a bit more proof than this. Maybe if there was an alien skeleton hanging out the window I’d be more inclined to say, “yeah, definitely aliens.”

It’s not uncommon for people to look at rock formations on Mars and think that it’s something alien and not just a pile of Martian rock.

Not too long ago, we stumbled across a bear face on the planet’s surface.

Things look like other things, depending on who you ask. Certain potato chips look like Richard Nixon. One guy’s beer kind of (not really) looked like John Lennon. And this person even found a plastic jug that looks like an ancient Martian monument.

And in this case, I think we’ve got a pile of rocks. However, I can’t be 100% sure until I can get up to Mars and give it a good exploratory tap like its Balloon Dog (Blue).

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