Man Walked Into A Church, Stripped Naked & Attempted To Baptize Himself

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An Arizona man, apparently unfamiliar with proper baptismal procedures, walked into a church, took his clothes off, and attempted to baptize himself. He was arrested for his attempt.

Officers were called to the One Life Church in Mesa on Sunday afternoon. Shortly after arriving on the scene 20-year-old Jeremiah Sykes was arrested. The naked man was found by someone at the church in the baptism fountain without any clothes on.

Naked Man Baptize Himself
One Life Church in Mesa (Image Credit: Google Maps via FOX News)

The police were called when Sykes refused to leave after being asked several times to do so. By the time officers made it to the church, he had exited the fountain. He was still naked and walking around in a blanket.

It turns out that stripping naked and attempting to baptize himself wasn’t the only reason police had to haul him off to jail. Sykes also had a warrant.

Sykes’ version of events are slightly different than the one the person who called the police relayed. According to him, he was simply baptizing himself and left immediately when he was asked to do so.

Whether he left when asked wasn’t the real problem with his afternoon trip to the church. The whole walking into the church and removing his clothing was much more of a concern.

It turns out that wasn’t the only fun Sykes had on Sunday afternoon. The self-baptism didn’t work and the charges of trespassing and indecent exposure weren’t enough for him.

A Man Can’t Just Walk Into A Church, Strip Naked, And Baptize Himself – That’s Not How It Works

So he decided to add a couple more charges to the list once he arrived at the jail. According to court documents, he did so by throwing a sock at an officer then punching the officer in the head.

Another officer got involved and was also punched in the face by Sykes. The officers were eventually able to subdue him. One of the officers hit with a punch suffered a cut that required a trip to the hospital.

Sykes faces multiple charges. Those charges include indecent exposure, criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, and a couple of counts for aggravated assault.

This self-baptism went about as bad as one could go.

Written by Sean Joseph

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