Mystery Creature Slaughters Over 40 Colorado Cows By Biting Their Faces

A mystery predator has slaughtered some 40 cows in western Colorado, baffling authorities.

Over the past two months, local farmers have discovered dead cows with missing tails and bite marks. Yet no tracks or evidence of the culprit exists.

“18 cows were found dead on White River National Forest land on October 5, and the carcasses have continued to turn up in Rio Bianco County, in the far western portion of the state,” reports the Daily Wire.

A nearby rancher named Lenny Klinglesmith is befuddled by the discoveries. Klinglesmith says the initial slaughtered cattle were found with extensive trauma to their flanks, and bite marks on their heads and faces.

While Klinglesmith says “all 18 [cows] had trauma indicative of a wolf pack killing,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Regional Director Travis Black told agency commissioners last month that there is no trace of wolves in the area.

“It’s perplexing; it’s confusing; it’s frustrating, trying to figure out exactly what occurred in this incident,” Black explains.

Keep these cows away from Colorado.

Officials have utilized aerial flights, howling surveys, and game cameras to look for nearby wolves and their tracks — all to no avail.

As of now, the state’s only known wolfpack is a “considerable distance” from the sites of the dead cattle.

A matter of such mystery requires reference to the 1998 crime film, “The Big Lebowski.”

Elsewhere, Colorado officials explored the possibility of a spreading infection of Clostridium bacteria. However, veterinarians from Colorado State University and Texas A&M University found no such evidence.

We are all bewildered by this ominous phenomenon.

What Is Killing The Cattle In Colorado?

Written by Bobby Burack

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