Sounds Like MyPillow Guy Will Run for Governor

And you thought your governor had a cool pre-political career.

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow Guy, is thinking about running for Minnesota governor in 2022. What do Minnesotans need to do to pitch in? Per MyPillow Guy, turn the state red.

Earlier in the month, Lindell said he is “99.9 percent sure” he’ll run.

” Lindell says the state needs a business leader to return the state to the economic vibrancy it had in the past,” reports 1100 The Flag.

“Lindell says current Democrat Governor Tim Walz has mismanaged the Coronavirus situation across the state and that Minnesotans have been let down by his lack of leadership as the Twin Cities area has been affected by riots and violence that have caused unrest and business closures.  Lindell says the state needs a business leader to return the state to the economic vibrancy it had in the past.”

It is about time Americans start caring about state elections they don’t live in.

Look like a governor?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Mike Lindell is a 1,000% better gubernatorial candidate than Jesse Ventura was. Let’s not forget how Minnesota got themselves in trouble. Pretty sure conservative businessman turned politician have done well recently.

  2. Exactly, Sam…people have seen how career politicians basically fukk up the government, which in turns fukks up business, which in turn fukks up the state economy.
    Politicians think they were elected to RUN the state.
    They were elected by people who believe in slogans and in outright LIES.
    A State government is basically a HUGE corporation.
    Why would you turn a huge corporation over to a politician who’s CV may include being a community activist, an MBA from Elite University, and a local councilman/councilwoman.
    That qualifies a person to run a multi-million/billion corporation???

  3. all i know is that he was a guy who went through hardship and is the opposite of ‘equal outcome’…that term at the moment only applies to black people .. 52 percent of America wants equal outcome for black people based on nothing, just show up and be part of the wanna be a Doctor, Lawyer, or astronaut, the United States of Utopia will make that happen according to all people who only see race…good luck with that

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