Multi-Task: Exercise And Watch Nearly-Naked Chicks With BeachSweat Workouts

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If you’re accustomed to sweating while watching a video of curvy coeds wearing little clothing and putting their bodies in an unnatural position, I’ve got good news. You can now use your sweaty screen time to work more than just your forearms, thanks to BeachSweat.

For the low price of $14.99 a month, BeachSweat will allow you to work out next to beautiful women who are wearing little more than a couple of napkins and some dental floss and aren’t shy about showing the results of their vigorous workout regimen – virtually, of course.

“People get motivated to get off the couch and burn some calories when they see a sexy girl sweating and working out in a bikini,” BeachSweat’s co-founder and cycling instructor, Alexa Collins, told the New York Post.

She probably lost most of you when she said “get off the couch,” but if you’re like me, you perked right back up when “girl sweating” and “bikini” entered the conversation.

Collins launched BeachSweat in January, and the virtual workout platform already has more than 30,000 subscribers. What separates BeachSweat from the competition is its instructors – not who they are, but what they’re wearing. Or not wearing.

The fitness platform streams seven days a week from a studio in Florida and features instructors who could easily double as models or the type of arm candy you find in late ’90s Enrique Iglesias music videos. Collins and the rest of the BeachSweat instructors wear bikinis so small they’d make a Kardashian feel modest.

Subscribers have the option of participating in 30-minute yoga, strength and cycling classes. Instructors are available for virtual meet and greets after live workouts, and there is also a real time chat option – because who doesn’t want to shoot the shit during a virtual bike ride through the French Alps while you’re sitting directly behind the best set of biscuits you’ve seen since that stop at Bojangles?

“We’re all about being positive and focusing on the positive people who’ll stay on the platform and enjoy it with us,” said Collins.

One other difference between BeachSweet and your local Planet Fitness or basement Peloton ride? Tips. Big, beautiful tips. That’s right, if subscribers find themselves even more satisfied after the workout than they expected, a virtual tip jar is available to show those instructors just how much you appreciate their efforts.

So, who else is ready for a workout?


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Written by Anthony Farris

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