MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Blatantly Lies to Kamala Harris About Ron DeSantis and Florida Schools

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You can tell how scared major media outlets are of Ron DeSantis by how repeatedly and profoundly they lie about him.

The most recent example was particularly pernicious.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris and, well, it was a masterpiece of misinformation.

Mitchell asked Harris to answer a question about DeSantis and his position on teaching slavery and the aftermath of slavery.

Except the question continued complete falsehoods and misrepresentations about what DeSantis believes.

“Let me ask you, what does Governor Ron DeSantis not know about Black history and the Black experience when he says that slavery and the aftermath of slavery should not be taught to Florida schoolchildren?” Mitchell asked.

The statement that Ron DeSantis does not want slavery and the aftermath of slavery taught in Florida schools is a complete, and easily disprovable lie.

A two second search of the Florida Department of Education’s website shows that far from being banned, teaching about slavery is a requirement.

  • The following is in the required instruction statute, s. 1003.42(2)(h), F.S.
    • The history of African Americans, including:
      • the history of African peoples before the political conflicts that led to the development of slavery;
      • the passage to America;
      • the enslavement experience;
      • abolition; and
      • the history and contributions of Americans of the African diaspora to society.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a more inaccurate question.

Ron DeSantis the victim of mischaracterization from Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC
Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, speaks during the 2022 Victory Dinner in Hollywood, Florida, US, on Saturday, July 23, 2022. Governor Ron DeSantis emerged as a top rival to former President Donald Trump in GOP primary contest should Trump decide to run again. Photographer: Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg via Getty Images

MSNBC Lies about DeSantis

Harris, naturally, did not correct the misinformation either.

DeSantis’ press secretary did though.

Bryan Griffin pointed out on Twitter that he’s never said that schoolchildren should not be taught about slavery.

This could have been easily been avoided if MSNBC had thought to vet their question before asking it.

But that would have conflicted with their actual goal, demonizing someone they view as the chief threat to keeping a Democrat in the White House.


Mitchell is either uninformed or blatantly lying, but either possibility is entirely discrediting.

OutKick reached out to NBC News for comment on if they’d be issuing a correction or apologizing to DeSantis. But as of time of publishing, they had not responded.

It’s unclear if this it was MSNBC’s or Mitchell’s intention, but this misrepresentation will now become unshakable fact in the eyes of many on the left. Even if they do correct their mistake, the question and answer by the Vice President will lead them to believe its true.

Of course, it’s also a near certainty that there won’t be “fact checks” or labels placed on the interview or story. This inaccuracy hurts their enemy and helps their cause. And that’s far more important than the truth.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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