MSNBC Columnist Says Mets Fans Are Upset Edwin Díaz Is Lost For The Season Due To Colonialism

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New York Mets relief pitcher Edwin Díaz tore his right patellar tendon during a matchup in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He will now miss the entire MLB season after signing the largest contract for a closer on record.

If you are upset about the injury, you need to look yourself in the mirror and understand how colonial that is of you.

That is according to an MSNBC columnist.

Last week, MSNBC penned the headline “Some MLB fans are too arrogant to see why Edwin Diaz took the mound for Puerto Rico.

The article blames colonialism for any further discussion on if players should risk injury in the WBC, an exhibition series.

The piece includes paragraphs such as:

“Because Diaz wasn’t playing for the Mets or another professional American baseball team when he hurt himself but instead was playing for the place where he was born, arrogant American baseball fans have decided he hurt himself in a “meaningless” game being played in an equally meaningless tournament.

“How colonial of them.”


“As the colonized in this colonial relationship, Puerto Ricans are used to insults from arrogant Americans, but if everything goes the way we want it to go, Team Puerto Rico and Team USA will meet in the WBC finals Tuesday. My money was already on Puerto Rico, because winning the tournament means something to those players. It should mean even more to them now because they won’t just be playing for Puerto Rico. They’ll also be playing for Diaz.

Interestingly, the chief target of the piece is Keith Olbermann, a former MSNBC host and current left-wing lunatic.

It was Olbermann who called the series “meaningless” last week. He — oddly — described the WBC as a means to “split up teammates based on where their grandmothers got laid.”

Now, Olbermann doesn’t represent Americans as the article claims. He doesn’t represent the stable, either.

However, he’s not wrong in the sense the WBC is in an exhibition. Thus, fans will naturally question participation as injuries for star players continue to happen.

The WBC is not “meaningless” per se. But it’s not the activity for which clubs sign players.

The Mets inked Díaz to a record-setting $102 million deal. New York has World Series aspirations. And his injury diminished said hopes.

MSNBC article

MSNBC Columnist Blames Colonialism

Of course, fans and likely owners would prefer prized possessions to evade risking injury in a tournament unrelated to the contracts they sign.

There are fans who want star players in bubble wrap during the offseason, not playing for international superiority, be it for Puerto Rico or the United States.

Particularly in hindsight upon an injury, as in the case of Diaz.

It’s not “colonial” to think that. The same American sports fans questioning participation on Team Rubio have questioned NBA players’ participation on Team USA.

Still, the columnist tweeted he is “really proud of” his thesis. We don’t blame him. At MSNBC, blaming “colonialism” for the angst of passionate sports fans is a win.

As is calling Americans “arrogant.”

A win at MSNBC doesn’t require the truth or a sound argument, both of which the article is sans.

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