Spud Stud: Mr. Potato Head Beats the Woke Losers, Gets to Keep his “Mr.”

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The woke losers lost this one. 

After Hasbro announced like cowards that Mr. Potato Head would no longer be recognized as a mister and would undergo a gender-neutral makeover, Hasbro got mocked pretty good and reversed their decision.

Update: The word “Mr.” is no longer offensive, awful, and not allowed:

Nice save. 

The question now is: for how long? These miserable trolls won’t react kindly to a toy still carrying the mister title in 2021. That said, knowing they suffered a defeat today, after celebrating their win, is good enough for me.

By the way, buy your kids Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head. They will enjoy it.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest media topics as well as trending sports, cultural and political stories.

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  1. The push on Coke was loud and hard enough that LinkedIn dropped Beverly D’Angelo’s course and she locked her Twitter account. Now this. I think the new ‘Woke’ is people finally being able to concentrate on something other than the Orange Man, and they’re figuring out just how dumb and crazy the activist types really are. Not being able to send their kids to school is also helping them come to this realization.

      • The thought process of companies is what baffles me. This was a difficult decision that took more than 2 minutes and required a press release? Do they believe the “Pronoun Patrol” represents a market or buying power for their products? Does Hasbro think THAT crowd ever once considered purchasing a Mr. Potato Head? They’re not buying the product to begin with. They hate human beings, want less of us, especially families, particularly children. Even listening to them makes companies look crazy. Ironically they should actually be canceled, because they’re trying to do people real harm. Don’t toy around with such snakes. They’re anarchists literally seeking to destroy family structures and collapse America from within.

  2. While it’s nice to see push back correct insanity still having to make companies reverse decision is troubling.I’m still going to keep sending comments to Hasbro Twitter demands a Dr.Richard Levine transgender potato head.

  3. Having spent a lot of years working with marketers and PR types at a major food company, this was remarkable agility demonstrated by Hasbro. It makes me wonder if this wasn’t planned all along to generate a little attention for an aging brand/product. I would not put it past them, but regardless, a nice way to end a day of foolishness, where women sports were basically assaulted by the US House (HR 5, the Equality Act, or the Transgender Promotion and Protection Act) amidst all other kinds of anti-science malarkey.

  4. Even if it was a stunt, I’m counting this as a win against Woke culture. Very glad to hear that the push-back against Coke was so strong. As these horrible ideas become more known to the mainstream, there will be enough resistance to stop them.

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