‘MotherF–ker’ Deemed Racist Term By Ejected Giants Coach

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Anyone who’s ever dropped the mother of all f-bombs after spilling their coffee, stubbing their toe or losing their six-team parlay just may be a racist. San Francisco Giants third base coach Antoan Richardson insinuated as much when addressing the term  “motherf–ker,” which he says “reeked undertones of racism.”

As Richardson detailed following San Diego’s 13-2 loss to San Francisco, Padres third base coach Mike Shildt sought out Giants pitcher Alex Wood via San Fran’s dugout leading Richardson to ask “can I help you.” Once Richardson stepped into the conversation he was ignored by Shildt and became visibly offended. That’s when, San Diego manager Gabe Kapler attempted to defuse the everyday ballpark banter when Shildt warned Kapler of Richardson’s intent to interject, “you need to control that motherf–ker,” referencing Richardson.

Eventually, more words were exchanged and Richardson was ejected in the third inning of Tuesday’s Padres-Giants tilt for what the umpire called “instigating.” Richardson enlightened the public to the meaning behind the dirty words shortly after the game.

“…Shildt started to walk back toward third base. He yelled ‘You need to control that motherf–ker.’ At that point in time, I went to the top step and said, ‘excuse me.’ Because I couldn’t believe what I heard. At that point in time, the crew chief decided to toss me from the game,” Richardson said, via KNBR.com.

He continued: “I say this because his words were disproportionately unwarranted and reeked undertones of racism when he referred to me as ‘that motherf–ker’ as if I was to be controlled or a piece of property or enslaved.”

Richardson explained to media members that not only was Shildt’s comment toeing the line of racism, but that by being ejected from the game, the umpire played a role in allowing future racial problems to exist within the ballpark: “I think it’s just really important we understand what happened tonight. And the second part that’s equally disappointing is that me being tossed by that umpire empowers this coach to continue to have conversations like that with people like me. And that’s really unfortunate that’s what happened tonight.”

San Diego wraps up their three-game series with the Giants this evening, after which both coaching staffs will have an opportunity to pick apart the phrase “son of a bitch.”


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. One word: pussy. STFU. If he was in an argument with another brotha the N word would have been thrown out 1 million times but that’s ok. Fuck you loser. Anytime there is a negative outcome for a black person, the defacto excuse is racism. Boring. Just deal with it and STFU. You got tossed so what. It happens. Get over yourself. Now the narrative changes to not this pussy getting tossed it puts the other coach for the Padres on the defensive for absolutely nothing. If I am the Padres coach at today’s game I would yell motherfucker to this pussy all day long.

  2. I’m at a loss. WTF are we doing? Everything is racist now? EVERYTHING? All white couples on commercials are racist so you need to use blended families…The Woke have control. It’s gonna be pretty tough to take it back.

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that Kapler has a coach like this. Kapler is a bleeding heart douche who couldn’t cut in Philly because he was such a pussy. This guy is a motherfucker. No need to wonder why the 13% are so disrespected and have to be handed everything in life. Fucking child like, immature losers.

  4. @MplsMark25 We all know you are a troll trying to be provacative!….As for the article itself, I absolutely think it’s a sorry state to see people searching for racism out of everyday normal things. All you need is a few weirdos for this MF theory to gain some traction. I wish someone aith authority would stand up and clearly state No, were not going down this road! There is nothing racist about MFer! It is a simple insulting term that was meant to be insulting! And that’s it.

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