More Details Emerge From Marcell Ozuna Domestic Abuse Situation

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New details have surfaced in the Marcell Ozuna domestic violence arrest. According to officers at the scene, Ozuna’s wife claimed the Atlanta Braves star threatened to kill her during a heated dispute “over an infidelity.”

The details, documented by Sandy Springs Police officers in the booking report, describe what happened when they arrived at the MLB star’s Georgia home on May 29, TMZ reports.

Two officers say they responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Ozuna’s wife told them Ozuna “took both her cell phones from the bathroom while she showered without her consent.”

The report states she demanded Ozuna return the phones, but he allegedly refused. “He threatened to kill her and she threatened to call 911,” according to the report obtained by TMZ.

The woman told police she took his cell phone and called 911, and then he tried to leave the property.

But the woman claims she followed him outside and chased him around a vehicle. She told police she then went back inside and locked the door and then grabbed a “large kitchen knife” to defend herself.

She told officers that Ozuna got back inside the house and “continued to yell and verbally abuse her.” The report states she brandished the knife by her hip and “warned [Ozuna] that if he got closer, she was going to hurt him.”

“She added that she was afraid for her life due to his aggressive behavior,” per the report.

Ozuna stopped the attack when he saw the cops, the report says.

Ozuna was arrested Saturday and was released from jail after posting $20,000 bond Monday on charges of aggravated assault by strangulation and battery against his wife.

Ozuna’s arrest could have major implications on and off the field, as OutKick 360 discussed.

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  1. Her story doesn’t mention aggravated battery and strangulation. I’m not defending the guy, but she followed him outside why? Because she was afraid for her life? Then she picked up a knife? Aye, aye, aye, not buying her story.

  2. She chased him. She was the only one with a weapon. This isn’t adding up very well. Obviously the cops saw him so he deserves punishment, but this feels like when one guy hits a guy then the guy retaliates and that’s the only part the ref sees. He clearly took it too far, but at least he tried to do the right thing first and leave the situation. They both feel pretty guilty here.

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