More COVID Deaths Under Biden Than All Of 2020, Maybe It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault

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Despite unprecedented vaccine mandates and oppressive lockdowns in Democrat states, more Americans have died from COVID-19 this year than in all of 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University.

More than 353,000 COVID-related deaths have now been reported in 2021, including 47,000 over the last month alone.

Former President Donald Trump was heavily criticized by leftists for his open-minded approach to treating COVID, accusing him of advocating for “horse de-wormer” and “drinking bleach” (though Trump has advocated for a vaccine since Day 1). The backlash has effectively created an environment in which only Big Pharma vaccines and lockdowns are socially acceptable. In other words, the left has painted itself into a precarious corner where it must face its outright failures daily: their self-righteousness and contempt for holistic health options leaves no possible scapegoat for the rising death tolls.

With two months left in the calendar year and no strategic change in sight for leftists, expect death tolls to far surpass the numbers from 2020—especially in states with the most restrictive measures, as has become the typical pattern.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. IDK man, this all seems like a wash to me. Ultimately, it seems virus is gonna do its thing regardless of policy, and if anything, I want Biden to do less. We’ve seen this from data reported all over the globe, not to mention it’s hard to trust the reported death toll. You get hit by a speeding Camaro and if you have the virus it’s a “covid death”. Lockdowns are cutting of your nose in spite of your face, vaccines are helpful but clearly aren’t as effective as advertised, masking is 95% useless, etc., etc..

    I think people overvalue the federal government’s role in controlling death and the perceived solution is sacrificing liberty in the name of “safety”.

    What we do know is the most at risk demographics are fat people and old people. Most old people have been vaccinated so that leaves you with fat people. Maybe we should mandate some exercise?

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