Elevator Nearly Caused A Disaster At FCS Playoff Game

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Montana State offensive coordinator Taylor Housewright nearly had his Saturday ruined because of an elevator.

The OC for the Bobcats found himself stuck in an elevator three minutes before the team’s FCS playoffs game against South Dakota State.

Eventually, Housewright, two other coaches and several other fans were freed from the elevator, but without much time to spare before kickoff.

Unfortunately for Montana State and Housewright, he probably should have found a way to stay in the elevator a little longer. Once the game started, it got ugly for MSU and it got ugly fast.

The Jackrabbits hammered the Bobcats 39-18 and the game was even more lopsided than that score might indicate.

Stuck in an elevator was probably a much more fun time than getting rocked on the field in freezing cold temps.

The fact Taylor Housewright was stuck in an elevator literally right before kickoff is also proof you just never know what will happen in the world of college football.

Why is an OC in an elevator with fans right before games start? This is the FCS semifinals we’re talking about! Do you think Nick Saban is riding elevators with fans? Of course not. I guess it’s just a bit different in the FCS.

Montana State OC Taylor Housewright got stuck in an elevator. (Credit: Montana State football)

Fortunately, Housewright got out. Too bad for him his day got substantially worse once he started coaching.

Written by David Hookstead

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