ESPN Finalizing Monday Night Football Plans

ESPN is finalizing its Monday Night Football plans with Steve Levy, Louis Riddick, and Brian Griese for the upcoming NFL season, sources tell Outkick.

Jim Miller first tweeted he heard this was the decision. Miller added that Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will call the Giants and Steelers game Week 1.

An ESPN spokesperson declined to comment.

Levy has been the frontrunner to call MNF for months. ESPN discussed several pairings for Levy, including Kirk Herbstreit and Dan Orlovsky, sources say. The uncertainty surrounding the upcoming college football season attributed to the delayed decision.

In May, ESPN announced Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland would not return to the booth. This decision was known around the industry months earlier.

ESPN began its search by participating in a bidding war for Tony Romo. Then moved on to Peyton Manning, and to Drew Brees for a future role. Romo re-signed with CBS, Manning said no (again), and Brees chose NBC.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Hey Bobby,
    Sounds like a pretty good lineup…tons of football knowledge and experience, and all three are engaging guys. I thought Joe Tess and Booger McFarland did a solid job but I guess ESPN wants more work hours on the clock for the salaries they’re paying Steve and Louis and MNF is their flagship. I like Dan O, but he comes across as a little bit over the top, a bit pushy trying to make his case; not sure he’d be a team player. Thanks!

  2. Haven’t watched MNF for a while, they don’t get the flex games that SNF gets, and I’m frankly just over football by 9pm Monday and ready for some sleep. I hope to be able to watch a lot of college football this year, some great EPL, and maybe a little bit of NFL when I can find the time. It’s very low on my list. Not a fan of all the politics being shoved in our face.

  3. I hate to say this, because my late brother was also a Kirk, but Herbstreit can suck it đź—Ł

    Riddick is great. Levy is a Robot. MNF won’t be great again until it leaves EsMsCNN.

    NFL should open up all their games to every network and see what happens. Oh and get rid of the Salary Cap too. It’s unnecessary. The Redskins and Browns will stay bad under any system.

  4. Oh for Frank,Dandy,and Howard yeah i’m that old lol but wow so entertaining the game today is too slow way to many commercials and add in the politics no thanks. Nothing against these guys i think they will do a good job.

    • Howard and Dandy Don were one of reasons that many tuned into MNF.
      Old country boy like Dandy Don just loved to put the barbs on Howard’s big city like takes on games.
      Frank was the guy in the middle.

  5. A lot of popularity of MNF will be gauged not only by the persons that are in the booth but more so by if ESPN goes the woke route during the games which would include any scrolling.
    The first MNF game will be telling for the rest of schedule if ESPN plans to tell us how we, not they, should live our lives.

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