Model Says Her Husband Doesn’t Just Let Her Date Other Men, He Helps Pick Out The Guys She Plans To Hook Up With

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Model and content creator Alexandra Le Tissier has been with her husband, and her husband only, for more than a decade. Feeling bored with that arrangement she decided to mix things up and ask her partner if she could start dating other men.

Alex, as she’s known on multiple social media platforms, approached her husband Mitch with the idea of downloading a dating app to look for men to hook up with. Surprisingly, instead of asking his wife for a divorce, he agreed.

Who needs marriage counseling when there are dating apps? The self-proclaimed “Queen of Southampton” isn’t just allowed to date other men, her husband helps pick out the guys.

Before we get too carried away here, there are rules to this unusual arrangement. Well, there’s one rule that has been established anyway.

“He’s pretty open-minded. He’s not judging in any way, so he’s absolutely fine with it,” Alex said. “The only rule we have is that it can only be for fun. It can’t be anything serious.”

While it sounds like she would allow her husband to return the favor by hooking up with other women, he’s not interested. She said, “It’s really not interested in doing it himself, which is really funny to me.”

Content Creator Alexandra Le Tissier’s Husband Does Some Of The Swiping On The App

While the model does have her husband’s approval, she hasn’t actually pulled the trigger on any of the matches yet. It turns out when it comes to dating men who aren’t her husband she’s picky.

“I’ve not even been through all of my matches yet. I can be really strict,” Alex explained. “I have been culling people depending on like their hairline and old they are. So it’s been quite a fun experience.”

Some of the potential dates she’s been talking to might have found out about the model’s content creating and might have paid a little extra on the dating app to get her attention.

“I think a few people have tweaked onto who I am from OnlyFans, and some people have paid to super swipe me to get my attention,” she admitted.

At this point she’s been talking to a few men, but there aren’t any plans in place to meet in person. It will take a couple of weeks of chatting and the approval of her husband for a date to be set up.

“‘I did actually let him swipe for me. It was funny. He knows my type – I like geeky guys,” she said. “It’s going to be a lot more fun now I don’t need to live my entire life with the same person over and over.”

Well that’s one way of looking at it. She’s now free to get around those annoying wedding vows without having to go behind her husband’s back.

What could possibly go wrong with this arrangement?

Written by Sean Joseph

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