Model On A Mission To Have The Biggest Boobs In Denmark Goes Back Under The Knife

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We all have hopes and dreams. Some of those hopes and dreams are easier to achieve than others. Some require a full on mission with everything we’ve got. Those missions often need us to be willing to spend a lot of time and money on them.

A model by the name of Gitte Von G is currently on one such mission. The 43-year-old wants the biggest boobs in Denmark and has gone back under the knife to achieve that goal.

She’s already put more than $85,000 into various plastic surgery procedures, including more than $24,000 on her boobs alone. The latest boob job, which she hopes is the last, took her from 925cc implants to 1650cc implants.

“I still think my breasts look small, so I’m hoping this will be the last time I’ll have them done,” Von G revealed. “I do love my boobs, but I like them even more from a certain angle where they look much bigger.”

Mission accomplished? If this is her last boob job then it sounds like she believes her hopes and dreams of the biggest boobs in Denmark has come true. I don’t know how one verifies this.

Is this monitored through a census of some kind or tracked by an official agency? I don’t have the answers to that.

While this could be the last procedure she has on her breasts, there could be more work in Von G’s future. She’s a fan of going under the knife.

This Is One Model Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

“I think that big breasts are sexy and very feminine – I absolutely love the look. I must admit, I’m a big fan of plastic surgery as if there is anything I’m unhappy about, I’ll change it on my body.”

Von G has been tracking her recovery process and provided an update on Sunday. She said, “Finale check, before I’m going home. Everything looks perfect, stitch’s removed and new bandages on the scars.”

She continued, “All in all 110% success. Now it’s time to relax and let everything heal up! Thx a million for all your support and sweet comments /love it enjoy your Sunday.”

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Assuming this is the end, which I would guess is unlikely.

Why stop at the biggest boobs in Denmark when there’s a whole world of ridiculously sized boobs out there to compete with?

I’m not going to be surprised by a Gitte Von G update where the model has decided it’s time to go after the world title.

Written by Sean Joseph

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