Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett Does 'Modern Warfare 2' Celebration On Opponent After Win

The UFC loves discovering entertaining fighters. Fighters who can talk the talk and walk the walk. They've done just that with lightweight Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett.

From the moment Pimblett was set to face Jordan Leavitt at the O2 Arena in London, the showman was on his game. Once fight week arrived, he turned it up a notch or two.

Pimblett continued to engaged in trash talk with his opponent and then made headlines when he mooned fat shamers who doubted he would be able to make weight. He seemed to feed off of the attention.

Part of the back-and-forth trash talk between the two fighters had to do with how they planned to celebrate their wins. Leading up to the fight, Leavitt said his plan was to twerk if he was the winner.

Planning your celebration ahead of time usually isn't a good idea

During fight week, both fighters were asked how they planned to celebrate. Leavitt said his plan was to finish the fight then "twerk and go home."

Pimblett was asked how he planned to celebrate if he won the fight. He outweirded his opponent by responding that he planned "to teabag him like it's Modern Warfare 2."

After a relatively boring first-round, Pimblett was able to find an opening in the second round. He took Leavitt's back, secured a body triangle, then submitted him with a rear-naked choke.

As promised, Pimblett celebrated with a "Modern Warfare 2 teabag."

Paddy The Baddy has a serious side too

After all of the pre-fight entertainment, the win, and the Modern Warfare 2 celebration, Pimblett had a serious message from the octagon. During the post-fight interview he revealed that a friend of his had committed suicide.

"I woke up on Friday morning at 4am to a message that one of my friends back home had killed himself," Pimblett said. "This was five hours before weigh-in. So, Ricky, lad, that's for you.

"There's a stigma in this world that men can't talk," he continued. "Listen, if you're a man and you've got weight on your shoulders and think the only way you can solve it is by killing yourself, please speak to someone. Speak to anyone."

Pimblett's message was a powerful one, and he wasn't done.

"I know I'd rather my mate cry on my shoulder than go to his funeral next week. So, please let's get rid of this stigma and men, start talking!"

Pimblett had himself a full night. The best part is he's just getting started in the UFC; this was only his third fight. It was also his third win by finish, so he can expect to take a step up in competition level the next time we see him in the octagon.

If Paddy "The Baddy" keeps winning and keeps entertaining, he just might be the next big thing in the UFC.