BBC Censors Legendary Irish Anthem With Fake Crowd Noise After MMA Fans Mock Queen Elizabeth With 'Lizzie's In A Box'

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. For many people across the globe, particularly those in England, it is devastating. For others, particularly those in Scotland and Ireland, it is very much less so.

That was very clear during the Bellator 285 event in Dublin on Friday.

In the weeks after Her Majesty's death, there has been a lot of mourning. Amongst many sports fans across other parts of Europe, however, there has been a lot of rejoicing.

One particular chant has made its way across the globe— "Lizzie's In A Box." The song, which carries a simple tune, celebrates the fact that the Queen is in a casket.

It first popped up earlier this month and Scottish soccer fans have been belting out 'Lizzie's In A Box' ever since.

On Friday, 'Lizzie's In A Box' made its way to Bellator 285 in Ireland

There were a lot of Irish fighters on the card the home crowd went bonkers each time they stepped into the ring. It was a raucous environment.

At one point during the evening, Brian Moore took the ring against Arivaldo Lima De Silva. The former is from Ireland, the latter is not.

While the two fighters went at it in the octagon, the Dublin crowd chanted the Queen Elizabeth tune in full voice.

When the fight ended, Moore was declared a winner. During his post-fight interview, he sung the famous Irish tune 'Fields of Athenry' into the microphone in front of his countrymen.

BBC was broadcasting the fight and apparently didn't like the narrative from fans and fighters. As Moore sung, they silenced his audio and covered it up with fake crowd noise.

He also shouted out Sinn Féin, a republican and democratic socialist political party active throughout both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. That probably didn't help his case with BBC.

BBC really thought they did something, but we see right through them. We know what you did.