MMA Fighter’s Shoulder Ripped From Socket After Refusing To Tap

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Amateur MMA fighter Cole Farsaci was faced with a decision: tap or snap.

The warrior was diligent, but his refusal to surrender led to a graphic injury where his shoulder was snapped out of its socket.

Farsaci suffered the gruesome injury, pitted against Jahliel Palmer at the Cage Wars 52 event, after getting his arm caught in a kimura.

Palmer set up a tight lock on the arm after moving his leg from Farsaci’s hip to his back.

Even in the midst of an impossible escape, Farsaci endured the pain until his arm snapped in an awkward direction.

(Warning: Graphic Content)


Palmer got his hand for the technical submission. He thanked his team for the landmark victory in the young fighter’s career.

“First amateur MMA win! I’m extremely thankful to every one of my teammates, friends and family,” he tweeted. “Another thank you to Cage Wars for providing such an amazing platform and organization from top to bottom for fighters and fans of the sport. Can’t wait to get back at it with my dogs.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I did old school bjj back when mma first started, and one of my teammates hit a Kimura on a guy with no training but had good flexibility. The guy didn’t know he was in danger so didn’t tap. My friend stuck his leg in to use as a cheater bar and that guy’s breaking arm made one of the sickest sounds I’ve ever heard, followed by one of the sickest screams of pain I’ve ever heard. Good times.

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