MMA Fighter Uses Burgers To Make Amends For Dislocating Opponent’s Elbow

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MMA fighter Albert Odzimkowski spent last weekend breaking his opponent’s elbow, then opted to break bread with his wounded rival.

During a Saturday KSW bout in Poland with Tommy Quinn, Odzimkowski not only bested Quinn, he also caused his opponent’s elbow to point in an unintended direction. The brutal break left Quinn screaming in pain as a referee rushed to his aid.

The end result – an elbow dislocation, torn ligaments and tendons and a hospital visit. Followed by…burgers, courtesy of Odzimkowski.

Watch the action (and elbow) unfold in the video below, but be warned, it’s not for the queasy. 

Just days after the octagon onslaught, Odzimkowski paid a visit to Quinn and presented him with some comfort food for what would seem to be a painful and lengthy recovery.

“What a guy and what a sport. Fight other twice, slams me on my arm, and comes to visit me 200km (away) and bring me food and treats,” Quinn said in a facebook post complete with pics of both fighters holding a fistful of burger and a heavily bandaged Quinn elbow.

“(Albert Odzimkowski) folks, is a one off! Absolute gentleman. No other sport or occupation like ours. In such a ruthless nature you find the kindest of creatures.”

And there you have it – likely the first time someone has ever referred to the person who rearranged their elbow as being “a gentleman.”

Good stuff. And I don’t mean the burgers.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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