MMA Fighter Tells Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Eat D*ck’

Following his Fury FC 68 win, Joel Bauman, an MMA fighter, was kind enough to offer tv host Jimmy Kimmel a dinner suggestion — “Eat d*ck,” said Bauman.

His suggestion came just moments after a TKO victory over Anthony Ivy, and wasn’t inclusive to Kimmel. Post fight, Bauman ranted: “…Jimmy Kimmel, viral this. I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet, and until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, you’re all pedophiles to me. Eat d*ck!”

The reason for Bauman’s rant wasn’t entirely clear, though it’s been speculated online that the MMA fighter was referencing Jeffrey Epstein. And Hollywood’s ignorance also played a part.

Before Addressing Kimmel, Bauman Talked NFT’s

“King” Bauman, as he’s known in the MMA world, also used his time with the microphone to promote his NFT. “To all those doubting my NFT,” said Bauman. “You’re looking at the guy that’s the reason that college athletes and high school athletes are getting paid today – Mr. Influencer to influencers.”

After both Kimmel and NFT’s were addressed, albeit, in non-traditional fashion, Bauman concluded his interview by shouting out a website he’s affiliated with.

This isn’t the first time a Joel Bauman post-fight interview’s gained attention. In May, he surprised and entertained fans when he blamed multiple herpes outbreaks for a previous MMA loss.

“I’m about to launch this NFT that’s going to change the fight game. And I put in 30 all-nighters before that fight, I had herpes before that fight (a loss to Josh Fremd), two outbreaks in the span of a week,” Bauman said at the time.

Joel Bauman, MMA Fighter, Admits To Herpes: ‘Two Outbreaks In The Span Of A Week’

Bon Appétit, Jimmy Kimmel!


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Written by Anthony Farris


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