Joel Bauman, MMA Fighter, Admits To Herpes: ‘Two Outbreaks In The Span Of A Week’

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Joel “King” Bauman, an MMA middleweight, recently fought against more than just an in-ring opponent. Bauman also battled herpes – twice.

After scoring a TKO win at Fury FC 61 Sunday, Bauman admitted to a couple of recent bouts with the virus and blamed his bumps for a loss earlier this year.

“Last fight I was tired, I was exhausted,” Bauman said immediately after Sunday’s win over Reese Forest. “I’m about to launch this NFT that’s going to change the fight game. And I put in 30 all-nighters before that fight, I had herpes before that fight (a loss to Josh Fremd), two outbreaks in the span of a week.”


Almost as shocking as Bauman’s admission was the reaction, or lack thereof, from the interviewer. Dude didn’t flinch, wince, or ask for clarification. He just stood there chewing his gum, acting as if people regularly admit herpes outbreaks while in his presence.

Then again, maybe the reporter is a New Orleans native comfortable around the herps. As OutKick’s Meg Turner reported last week, Nawlins is the U.S. city with the highest prevalence of genital herpes.

Who’s ready for Mardi Gras?

You probably noticed Bauman sports a physique that has muscles on top of muscles. And I’m convinced he attained that body the natural way. Let’s be real, there’s no chance Honest Abe, err, Bauman would cut corners and not admit as much into a camera and a microphone. If you’re willing to tell the world you house herpes, you’re likely not hiding much of anything.

Fortunately, like his opponent Sunday, Bauman’s herpes have been knocked out.

“I’m here, I’m healthy, let’s go, whatever,” Bauman said. “It doesn’t matter.”

He’ll never be confused with being a sore loser.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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