The Mets Suffered Another Injury and We Have To Start Wondering If The $360 Million Team Is Cursed

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

The Major League Baseball regular season hasn't even started and yet there is an ominous feeling coming from Mets fans that something seems off.

The latest incident came on Friday when their star outfielder Brandon Nimmo appeared to get his cleat stuck in the dirt as he was sliding into second base, causing him to suffer a leg injury.

Nimmo immediately went down and began grabbing his leg, as the Mets training staff and manager Buck Showalter jogged over to him surely thinking "You've got to be kidding me."


After a social media freak-out from Mets fans, it appeared that Nimmo should be alright. Showalter said that Nimmo "seems positive about ," and they are describing it as "right ankle soreness." He will undergo imaging today to confirm it's not more serious.

The latest Mets injury comes just a few days after the horrific sight of Mets closer Edwin Diaz being carried off the field after being injured while celebrating Puerto Rico's win during the World Baseball Classic. Diaz ended up tearing his patellar tendon and needing season-ending surgery. That news was the last thing the Mets wanted to hear just two weeks before the regular season begins.


The latest injuries also come after Mets starting pitcher Jose Quintana was diagnosed with a small stress fracture in his rib and is expected to undergo surgery.

Injuries are the last thing that the Mets can afford right now - literally.

Billionaire-owner Steve Cohen has gone ALL in on the team - amassing a ridiculous roster that includes Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer as the team is expected to have a $360+ million payroll.

Edwin Diaz had just signed a five-year, $120 million contract, while Brandon Nimmo had recently signed an eight-year, $162 million deal. Jose Quintana was also extended during the offseason for two-years at $26 million.

As any sports fan knows, injuries do happen. It comes with the any sport. But after the Diaz injury, Mets fans emotions are at an all-time nerve-wracking level.

Unfortunately for them and owner Steve Cohen, all the money in the world can't protect players from getting hurt.