Tennessee High School No-Hitter And Playoffs Forfeited After Going Over Pitch Count By One

An unbelievable outing by a Tennessee high school pitcher was called foul because he broke a league rule... by just one pitch!

Ensworth high school's Connor Cobb tossed a beautiful no-hitter earlier this week that included striking out SIXTEEN opposing batters to help school tie Father Ryan 1-1 in the best of 3 series.

However, his team won't even get the opportunity to play in Game 3 after it was found out that Cobb went over the allowed pitches a player can throw in a single game.

The worst part? Ensworth's own coach is the one that tattle tailed on his own team and reported it to the league!


Under Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association's rules, a pitcher can only pitch 120 times in a single outing. Cobb threw... 121 total.

And get this - that 121? Was LITERALLY the last pitch in the game to finish out the no-hitter. Can't make it up!

After reporting the infraction, the league ruled that Ensworth's Game 2 victory was forfeited, thus allowing Father Ryan to advance and Ensworth's season to be over. You want to talk about a range of emotions? Imagine being a senior all pumped up and excited that you're going to continue playing the game you've spent your whole life playing at least one more time.

And in a cruel similarity to the infamous South Park clip... it's gone.


When the TSAA originally adopted the pitch count rule in 2017, the pitcher was allowed to stay on the mound if he went over the limit while facing a single batter. However, that was changed the following year - meaning Cobb needed to have been pulled exactly at 120 even though he was in the middle of a count with the batter.

And because "rules are rules," despite Cobb putting on a pitching clinic of dominance and getting that no-hitter, the league wouldn't budget.

It's unclear if Cobb knew himself what his pitch count was. I'd have to imagine he knew he was up there in pitches, but did he know it was at 120? More importantly, did he even know what the rulebook said?

And could you imagine if the coach is the one that miscounted and he actually didn't go over 121?!

Although Cobb's obviously disappointed, he'll be able to smile again soon. He's already committed to Vanderbilt University where he'll hope to bring more of his pitching perfection.

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