MLB Suspends Cards, Mets Players Involved In Wednesday’s Brawl

A high pitch by New York Mets reliever Yoan Lopez set St. Louis Cardinals batter Nolan Arenado on fire, which led to a bench-clearing brawl between the teams on Wednesday when Arenado went after the pitcher.

A day after the scuffle at home plate involving Mets first baseman Pete Alonso getting dragged to the ground by an opposing coach, the MLB responded by issuing suspensions and fines.

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball announced a two-game suspension for Arenado and a one-game suspension for Cardinals pitcher Genesis Cabrera. Arenado was disciplined for provoking both benches to run out to the fight, while Cabrera was suspended for helping first base coach Stubby Clapp bring down Alonso.

Alonso was still heated after the game and threw a subtle jab at Cabrera and Clapp for targeting the player.

“I understand because I’m a big, strong guy," Alonso said. "Obviously, the manager wants to have protection for his team and his staff, and I totally get it. For me, I’m a big, strong guy and they don’t know my temper and what I could do. If I wanted to put someone in the hospital, I easily could, but I was just out there trying to protect my guys.”

The Mets first baseman was upset over his insistence that the Cardinals were intentionally hitting New York's batters.

Three Mets sluggers were hit by pitches on Tuesday. The spree continued when the Mets' J.D. Davis was struck on the foot by a pitch on Wednesday. Davis left the game in the eighth inning; an X-ray test came back negative for the third baseman.

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