Josh Naylor Celebrates Guardians' Walk-Off With Awesome Headbutt

Josh Naylor's done it again, and this time he's using his head...

A month and a half after the Guardians' first baseman electrified his Cleveland teammates while simultaneously causing local print shops to rush to see who could design the first “You can’t f***ing beat me" t-shirts, Naylor again provided memorable theatrics following a game-changing home run.

Trailing 6-5 in the bottom of the 10th, Naylor sent a bomb to left to give the Guardians a dramatic win over Minnesota.

And then the fun started.

As Naylor made his way around the bases, he wasted little time imploring his teammates to greet him at home plate.

A Gatorade bath, Aquafina shower and seemingly hundreds of backslaps followed. All that served as an appetizer to the main course — a helmet-less Naylor head-butting Cleveland manager Terry Francona.

Yes, a mother f-ing headbutt!

Watch it below and do your best not to sprint around your kitchen or suplex the kids upon morning wakeup. 

It's official, Josh Naylor's that dude.

If anyone says there's a more hyped player than Naylor, they're lying or blind.

The entire scene was reminiscent of the 24-year-old Naylor's above mentioned three-run bomb that played a major role in sending Chicago home as losers and capped an 8 RBI night in early May.

Once Naylor finished his literal head-to-head meeting with Francona on Wednesday night, he belted out a number of obscenities, lost his jersey, and continuously screamed: "always give it up!" His celebration briefly concluded with a few slaps to his own head.


Following the win, Naylor had this to say, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “I was just trying to end the game. I didn’t want to hit a single. I wanted to end it. I just wanted to win.”

Mission accomplished.

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