Johnny Damon Makes (Savannah) Bananas Career Move

Johnny Damon, star of the hit movie Fever Pitch and also an 18-year Major League Baseball player, took his talents to Daytona Beach Thursday night for a career revival that's so bananas you almost can't believe it.

With his signature locks still flowing - and a noticeably bigger gut - Damon made his debut with the Savannah Bananas as they tour the country this spring.

The Bananas were in Daytona as part of their Florida swing, and swing Damon did!

It didn't go great, though.

Savannah Bananas brings in bigger Johnny Damon

Incredible stuff. I'm not sure there's a more perfect ex-MLBer for the Savannah Bananas than one Johnny Damon.

He was part of the 2004 Red Sox - 'the idiots!' - and immediately rose to stardom. He was a good player before that season, but then he came to camp with long hair out of NOWHERE and turned into a star.

Of course, then he went to the Yankees like a lunatic and sort of crushed his legacy a bit, but that was a long time ago and sane people will hopefully forget.

Also, let's not forget Damon's best role: this cameo in Fever Pitch, which was a weirdly decent movie starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon of all people back in the mid-2000s.

Great movie, great team, peak Drew Barrymore and pre-Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon. What's not to like?!

Anyway, Damon and the Bananas are must-see baseball wherever they go, and I'd highly recommend seeing a game. They're the Globetrotters of baseball, but possibly better - trust me.

PS: how about the lefty third baseman for the Party Animals?


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