Gleyber Torres Celebrated Walk-Off By Hitting The Griddy

Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres' walk-off home run simultaneously ended the Rangers and introduced pop culture to Major League Baseball.

Upon blasting his game-winning shot to right field, Torres took his time rounding the Yankee Stadium bases, allowing himself enough time and space to TikTok his way across home plate. As his teammates anxiously stood waiting to offer high-fives, head slaps and bro hugs, Torres "hit the griddy."

If the dance move looks familiar, you likely spend a whole bunch of time on YouTube and TikTok, or fancy yourself a Minnesota Vikings fan. Vikes receiver Justin Jefferson and later, other LSU alums throughout the NFL, popularized the Louisiana State-based dance across the world of sports and pop culture.

Until Sunday, it had been absent from MLB.

One can only imagine how MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and the league's old-timers feel about Torres' dance routine. If you haven't noticed, baseball isn't exactly welcoming to new ideas.

Nevertheless, Torres hit both the griddy and the homer, at least one of which irritated Texas manager Chris Woodward enough to voice post game complaints: “It’s a small ballpark…that’s an easy out in 99 percent of ballparks,” Woodward said of the Torres walk-off. “The wind wasn’t helping today obviously…he happened to hit it…Little League ballpark.”

After hearing of Woodward's comments, Torres danced all over the Ranger manager's claims: “I feel like both teams play in the same ballpark and it’s the same dimensions,” said Torres. “I feel good to hit a walk-off homer in the little league ballpark. Happy to win the first game (of Sundays doubleheader).”

Torres may want to keep his dancing shoes nearby, the Yankees host Texas at 1:05 pm EST today in the series finale.


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