Gary Sanchez Nearly Decapitated By Teammate In On-Deck Circle

Nobody is happier to see Labor Day Monday than the Twins' Gary Sanchez.

The Minnesota catcher woke up this morning with a full set of a teeth and a head, which, frankly, was no guarantee for a few terrifying seconds during Sunday's game against the White Sox.

Head on a damn swivel, Gary!

Goodness. And how about Sanchez absolutely death-staring Gilberto Celestino into next week?

Hey, Gary, how about you not walk past the on-deck circle with your head down? Maybe you start there and THEN if you still almost get decapitated by a bat, you be angry. Sound good?

Now, Celestino isn't getting off scot free, either. Dude, you're in the on-deck circle during an actual Major League Baseball game, not by yourself in your backyard. How about we take a peak around between each swing?

You have bat boys and girls walking around, players coming and going, fans right behind you if you get too close to the net. A little more awareness wouldn't kill you.

"I had a few minutes to go and ask a couple questions about that pitcher,” Sánchez said through a translator. "I saw his bat was on his shoulder just standing there in the on-deck circle and so I went back to the dugout and I didn’t notice he was swinging."

No kidding, Gary.

"He almost hit me, but thank God, nothing happened,” Sánchez added. "It’s just an accident. It’s fine."

Sure. It's all fine and dandy until someone loses a head in the middle of a ballgame!

Anyway, disaster avoided here. The Twins won and are currently a half-game back in the AL Central.

Looks like they'll have Sanchez for the stretch run, too - thanks in large part to Celestino's uncanny ability to hit objects right in front of them.

Hey, maybe he takes batting practice with Gary!?

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