ESPN Keeps Forgetting The 'Indians' Are Now The 'Guardians'

I think we might be able to forgive ESPN for this one, but I doubt the woke mob will. For most of us, the Cleveland "Guardians" will always be the Cleveland "Indians." No matter how offensive the left claims that is.

In fact, most fans in Cleveland still call them the Indians and still wear Indians gear to the games. At least, the one who show up do. But attendance has been a problem since the name change.

It shouldn't come as a big surprise, then, that even woke network ESPN forgot about the change. That comes even after they were one of the biggest drivers of getting it changed in the first place.

After Friday night's Mets-Padres game, ESPN displayed a graphic promoting their upcoming broadcast. The next game that would appear on the network would be Saturday afternoon's contest between the Rays and the Guardians. Except, that's not what they said.


It's unclear how this even happens. No one checked the graphic? The graphics operator forgot that his or her employer is the sports morality police? I like to think some employee at ESPN is anti-woke and purposefully put Indians. Though, they like to force those people out of the company. I should know.

But it actually didn't end there! One very observant Twitter user noted a faint graphic in the background of ESPN's app. When clicking on the Gamecast of the Rays-Guardians game, you can clearly see the "Indians" logo in the background of the outfield.

I honestly hope that these are not mistakes and ESPN is truly starting to come towards the light. You know, the light under which the majority of sports fans live.

I grew up near Cleveland and have Indians fans in my family. I say Indians because they have told me that they will never call them the Guardians. Maybe, just maybe, ESPN sees the error of its ways.

Don't count on it, though.

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