Dodgers & Padres Fans Have An Old Fashioned Prison Yard Fight At Petco Park

It was Fight Night at Petco Park in San Diego as the Dodgers were in town for a Friday night tilt and we all know what that means -- Friday night beers and fists flying!

After a hard week of work, Padres and Dodgers fans were ready for some gang warfare at the ballpark where street soldiers squared off in what looked like a prison yard fight while fans looked on at the bonus entertainment.

On the field, the Dodgers got a 6-1 win thanks to five strong innings out of Julio Urias and that sweeping breaking ball/slider/slurve thing he is known for. Off the field, there were other slurves being thrown.

Let's get to the action!

This was about as run-of-the-mill as Dodgers-Padres fan fights come. No blood. Nobody getting shanked. No wives joining in the fray. It was a pretty basic on.

Needless to say, this one was nothing compared to what we saw last weekend out of Toronto Maple Leafs fan who rearranged a guy's face during a wild regular season hockey game.

But it's April baseball. Dodgers and Padres fans are just getting warmed up. The two teams get it on this afternoon with a 4:10 ET first pitch. Day baseball combined with day drinking could be a recipe for action.

Buckle up.

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