Curt Schilling Says Trevor Bauer Won't Play In MLB Again: Tomi Lahren

Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling told Tomi Lahren on Thursday's Tomi Lahren is Fearless that he doesn't believe Trevor Bauer will play a Major League Baseball game again.

In 2021, a female accused the Los Angeles Dodgers ace of sexually assaulting her but Bauer maintains the encounter was consensual rough sex. After a five-month review of the case, the LA County District Attorney’s Office said Bauer would not face any criminal charges in the county’s court system.

"But shouldn't that be the end of it right there?" Schilling asked. "Legally."

The MLB didn't care, as Tomi pointed out.

"A two-year suspension, the amount of money that that is going to cost him and he can't play anywhere else," she said. "And by the way, he also has to shut up. So you can't he can't really defend himself either. So that is what's bothersome to me."

Schilling said both the MLB and NFL are catering to audiences that don't watch their sport — these are $10 billion to $15 billion businesses and ultimately trying to make the bottom line. Schilling said Bauer's situation is an example of the MLB "taking the moral high ground."

"But Major League Baseball trying to take the moral high ground?" Schilling laughed. "Yeah, exactly. I was just going to say it's laughable in general."

Watch everything Tomi and Schilling had to say below, and Thursday's full episode can be seen on YouTube.