Clay: Rob Manfred 'Completely Blew It' Moving MLB All-Star Game

Ahead of tonight's MLB All-Star Game, Clay Travis threw chin music in Commissioner Rob Manfred's direction during an appearance on Fox News. Clay blasted the spineless commish for moving the midsummer classic from Atlanta to Colorado in response to Georgia's new election law. According to Clay, Manfred "completely blew it."

“I’m excited to see the Major League All-Star Game. Not as excited as I would’ve been if it were in Atlanta," Clay said. "Remember, the Braves were not only set to host (the game), but they were going to honor Hank Aaron, one of the all-time greats of the sport, who recently died. And they're playing the season in his honor in Atlanta.

"And all of the data that’s come since (moving the game from Atlanta to Colorado) ... this crazy (television) ad that you’re going to see (tonight), which is attacking Major League Baseball (for moving the game). I’m saying crazy because I never would've foreseen this happening. Because Major League Baseball’s based in New York, which actually has more restrictive voting laws than Georgia.

"Rob Manfred, the Major League Baseball commissioner, completely blew it with this choice. And I think it's gonna potentially play a big role in the 2022 senate election with Raphael Warnock (Georgia's Democratic State senator) running, potentially against (Republican) Herschel Walker as a big matchup over senate control next year," Clay said on Fox News.

Clay then turned his attention to Warnock's lack of fight to keep the game in the state he represents: "The most popular entity in the state of Georgia, it isn’t Republicans, it isn’t Democrats, it’s the Atlanta Braves. And if you combine that with the Georgia Bulldogs and Herschel Walker, I think sports can be a very significant litmus test for an awful lot of voters in the state of Georgia.

"Raphael Warnock, I think, is going to have a really difficult time trying to explain to Georgia sports fans why he didn’t fight as hard as he possibly could for this All-Star Game. (The game would've provided) a $100 million benefit (to Atlanta) be taking place in his backyard," Clay said.

Manfred (and Warnock) would be wise to step out of the batter's box if Clay is on the mound. He's throwing heat.

For those of you who care, the American League ended up winning the midsummer classic, defeating the National League 5-2.