MLB Caves, Will Move All-Star Game From Atlanta


Friday, the MLB announced it is moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new election bill:


You need an ID to pick up tickets to attend a baseball game. Or to get a beer inside once you’re there. But MLB is moving the All-Star game because you need an ID to vote? This is pure insanity,” Clay Travis responded to the news on Twitter.

“This is the worst decision baseball has made since the 1995 strike. Simply pathetic,” Clay goes on.

Last week, MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark said that players were ready to discuss moving this summer’s MLB All-Star Game, claiming that the GOP-sponsored election reform bill is racist against black people.

The bill that President Joe Biden and other Democrats call “Jim Crow 2.0” standardizes voting hours and requires a state-issued ID for absentee voting. Yep.

Speaking to ESPN this week, Biden said he supported relocating the All-Star game.

So, where is it moving to?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Bye. It wasn’t going to bring in that much revenue anyways. (Not compared to 2019 and prior…) On another note, the Georgia House approved a measure to revoke Delta Airlines of $35 million in tax credits for mischaracterizing their Voter Reform Bill. Looks like MLB might be on deck. (Perhaps, other states will follow the Georgia model…)

  2. So.. MLB is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party?

    I am an independent… live an hour and half from Atlanta.

    Will never take my family to another baseball game there… or anywhere that is affiliated with these apparatchiks…

  3. Major Sports have lifted more people of Color from Poverty than any Democrat Wellfare program.

    and now these idiots are setting the stage to ruin that. for good.

    fans root for teams and players as they imagine that they can rise to the top themselves. its inspirational and capitalistic to cheer on players and teams. once that veil of inspiration changes to entitlement, fans don’t watch or cheer anymore.

    then the only reason to watch is gambling. thats not sport. sorry.

    Black people and minorities have failed to see the transfer of wealth that has occured through sports. now they bite the hand that feeds them

    sad. over. out.

  4. So big sporting events can only be played in states that align with the politics of the left. Got it. Makes total sense. Idiots. Rob Manfred and Tony Clark are jokes. The only people they’re hurting are the people of Atlanta. Just get to the end of the season and start the strike/lockout.

  5. I live in Atlanta and hate to see this but bye bye Braves and MLB. What a great way to start the season – let’s alienate fans by listening to blue check marks on Twitter. Common sense is gone in our country. So what is left to watch now? Golf and College Football?

  6. MLB following in the NBA business model minus help from friends in China. Not a sound business plan. Apparently potential minority owned businesses in Atlanta that would have benefitted from the game’s presence there don’t count for anything on the Woke Matrix. As usual, sacrifices have to be made.

  7. Another one bites the dust! The glory days of baseball have long since past. The “Analytics” crap has taken the “balls” out of the sport. I would love to see some pansy-ass manager of today trying to tell Bob Gibson how to pitch to any batter. FU would be the response!!

  8. Baseball was the last one I was holding out for….now cross it off the list. Where will they move it is the next question. I’lll start the odds with Beijing at 2 to 1.

    • Yes. I just listened to Clay’s show and he said that MLB is headquartered in NYC where it’s a left wing bubble. I recommend the Sports league headquarters move and have offices all over the country to see what the REAL America is like.

  9. Can’t say it any better than Clay put it: You need an I.D. to pick up tickets. You need an I.D. to buy beer once inside. But MLB thinks requiring an I.D. to vote is racist?…This is complete madness……How are people believing this Georgia voting bill is racist? It boggles the mind…………I am done with MLB…..And hey liberals, if you are reading this, do you know where I am going with some friends tomorrow? To a gun shop. If/when you get to your liberal endgame, we will not kneel before you. We will not become simps at the feet of big tech and white liberals. We will defend ourselves and our families if/when you get to this endgame where we appear headed. The twitter/social media manipulations have gotten too much. It seems woke liberal sociopaths absolutely WILL NOT STOP until they have destroyed this country and we get to the point of having to defend ourselves. …….I don’t know how the fuc%# the sheep in this country can’t see that we are being played against ourselves by liberal elites.

    • MLB doesn’t unilaterally think this is racist. I’m sure half the players think it’s total bs but it’s not the hill they’re going to die on. They will play their ASG somewhere else, collect their paychecks, and stay out of the drama. However, the leadership of MLB see’s this as a problem that will go away if they just concede to the narrative. Maybe a good short-term plan to make the noise go away but short-sighted in what will likely result in a decline in viewership as many baseball fans a middle-aged white dudes and blue-collar working class.

      I will still probably consume the same amount of MLB (casual fan) but I’ll probably also be more inclined to spend my time & money on other entertainment options. Probably a lot of people in the same boat.

  10. Manfred didn’t want to lose his place atop the standings as worst Commissioner in professional sports, so he stayed woke. Add another sport that, other than checking out scores, I won’t be watching anymore. Baseball has been my favorite sport my entire life(55 years), but it’s not worth my financial support any longer. Pretty soon the only people to watch sports, any sport, will be family and friends. They’re all abandoning their true paying customers. Do all these Commissioners really think the free welfare given to minorities is going to purchase sports tickets, sports networks or sports memorabilia? No…they’ll be going to anything BUT sports. Be careful what you wish for Commissioners….like the saying goes….GO WOKE, GET BROKE……

      • Don”t put your name on the box, wear a hat & dark glasses at the post office (preferably in a different city or state), pay cash & eliminate all fingerprints, and leave your cell phone at home. Otherwise, you’re liable to have the FBI at your front door with weapons drawn. “Domestic terrorism” & all…

  11. Next demand should be that Manfred relinquish his position to a black person. Then demand that every MLB team executive relinquish their positions to black people. These demands need to come from Georgia Republicans. Make them defend themselves from why they shouldn’t give their spots to black men and women. And transgenders. Stacy fucking Abrams. Unreal.

  12. Does anyone know if there are non MLB minor leagues still? I hope so as I will gladly get my baseball game fix there. Better seats and cheaper tix. I just hope there are some teams/leagies I can support that will not wind up helping MLB.

  13. Last year wore my patience…this act seals the deal. I’m done. Baseball is a dying sport that can’t afford pissed off parents & other elders not raising their kids as baseball fans. At least the NBA can get blood money from China… doesn’t have that option. It will be pleasant to see a woke league die.

  14. You are a major sports league showing declining on-site attendance over the past decade. Every demographic study indicates the vast majority of your remaining loyal fan base correspond to “Bitter-clinging Deplorables who Believe in Voter Integrity … Soooo you go out-of-your way to thoroughly piss them off ??? THE Dumbest Move since “New Coke”.

    By By MLB. MLB needs “people like me” a whole lot more than I need MLB.

    • I was thinking the same thing Michael. I go to spring training every year, 8-10 regular season games a year, and have MLBtv. I can get myself a nice new set of clubs for that money and plenty of lessons to go with them. One-digit handicap, here I come! Lol

  15. I’m pissed. I bought season tickets to the braves this year to get All Star tickets. I invited my father, who took me to numerous MLB games growing up, so I was finally going to get a chance to treat him. He was very excited. Neither of us have been to all star events in the past.

    Now, I’m demanding a refund for my tickets. I live 10 minutes from Truist Park and will not go to any games now. Bye bye MLB, you’ve lost a die hard fan.

    Ironically, the biggest hit here is to Cobb County residents/businesses who voted heavily for Joe Biden. Then he turns around, in a moment of “unity” and spits in their face.

  16. If others are like me, unfortunately this might also spell the doom for Outkick because baseball was the last sport I was interested in and now I’m moving 100% into my hobbies so I probably won’t re-up my subscription because I just don’t care anymore. I’m approaching 60 and the rest of my money is going to things that give me a good return = investing in those who want me involved with them. Maybe Outkick can start covering architecture and travel.

    • Man I understand where you’re coming from. The propaganda being pushed through sports has become a stench that’s unbearable. If anything I support OKTC just to lift up a business who is willing to speak out against what’s happening in an entertaining way. But the day’s coming soon when sports stop being anything worth fighting for anymore if this is where they’re heading.

  17. Just sent email to the Texas Rangers asking for a FULL refund on tickets that I have purchased. I refuse to send money to a political organization that fronts as a sports organization. My full refund is not a request but a demand. The Rangers can now worry about people like me that buy tickets and support the team rather than the WOKE mob that sits in their parents basement and troll on Twitter. The faster professional sports fails the better for all of us.

  18. Once again….cancel culture works.
    You might not like it but it does.
    Until the left starts getting cancelled or the corps that appease the left get cancelled. There is no reason for them to stop.

    Boycott the All-Star Game.
    Let them know it and stop crying about cancel culture and start using it.

  19. MLB was on life support as far as I was concerned. Now it’s dead to me. I have to check the exact numbers but I seem to recall reading that nearly 40 states have laws on the books similar to what Georgia just did. I guess they are all RACIST!

  20. At some point this ends. Baseball is (maybe was) the last last professional sport I followed on a day to day basis. I know most young people find it slow compared to tik toc but I (since a very young age) loved it. I grew up wanting to be Johnny Bench. Now, not sure I should continue spending time/money on it. Makes me very sad. Very disappointing 😞

  21. This should be the tag line for all professional sports organizations who have fan bases (or players) that may not unilaterally fall under one line of thinking when it comes to matters of politics…..
    “We are a professional sports organization, not a political action committee. While each individual is free to express their opinion on any topic they please, we, as an organization, can’t control the politics of every state we play in. We have fans AND players of differing opinions on millions of topics, and it’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time. Our goal is to put a product on the field that entertains and reaches the most people. Along the way, we will continue to make hundreds of athletes a year millionaires while playing our sport (many of which are minorities in the US). We’ll leave the politics to the politicians and the ball playing to the ball players. Play ball!”

  22. Bad move MLB, not buying tickets this year…at some point its time to take a stand…cancelled cable for cable news and ESPN NBA, etc…
    Jim Crow was a heinous system that systematically denied Black Americans — and many poor Whites — their constitutional right to vote through bogus “literacy tests,” poll taxes and other measures such as “Whites only” Democratic primaries in states where Democrats were sure to win. Backed by racist law enforcement and threats of violence or lynching by the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups, even Black people who were able to vote often chose not to. It took the civil rights revolution, and especially the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to undo this system.

    I think dumb people run most things these days….its scary

  23. Astounding that MLB will take a side like this against so many of its fans who want election integrity, saw the flaws and irregularities in November and consider it racist for someone to assume getting an ID is a hurdle too high for a person of color.

    Baseball is willing to side with the bigotry of low expectations, the ballot fraud hustlers and the opposite of common sense that sees how questionable the chain of custody is in mail-in voting.

    MLB is a coward and a hater of American values. Buh bye.

  24. All of the MLB player contracts are guaranteed. Why haven’t I seen a single player speak up? I’d really love to see a team try to use a morals clause to try to shut them up. Somebody have some guts. Where’s today’s Curt Schilling? If the players all believe this wokeness, all the more reason for fans to jump ship.

  25. I just read something that sounded about right……It’s no longer about politics anymore, about Conservatives vs Liberals…’s about smart people vs stupid people….. I think that about sums it up

  26. I just canceled all of my MLB subscriptions. So infuriating. Discourse in this country is now at a child-adolescent level. An adult says slow down. An adult encourages intelligent conversation. An adult asks questions. An adult explains that knee-jerk over-emotional reactions rarely if ever create positive outcomes. On the international stage diplomacy reigns for the most part and things take time to avoid conflict. Contrast that with United States where domestically confusion and chaos are tolerated and encouraged by child-like adults who came to power within that very chaos. The country we all love and grew up in is deteriorating right before our eyes.

  27. Bobby, and since your frustration. Wherever the major league baseball All-Star game ends up we should all do research and identify details of the laws in that particular state.

    I owe this to myself because I am a very passionate baseball fan and two years in a row now MLB has been ripped away for me by childish decisions. I did not watch a single pitch after the Reds and Brewers decided not to play their game in Milwaukee last year.

  28. This is not America… A ‘pRESIDENT’ stumbling around with a freaking mask on?!

    America needs Mike Lindell’s prediction (“Trump back in office by August!”) to manifest ASAP.
    As crazy as it sounds, can anyone remember a time when our country had a more bleak future?
    Here’s where heroes step up!!
    I still believe… TRUMP 2020!!!!

    • “As crazy as it sounds, can anyone remember a time when our country had a more bleak future?”
      My sentiments exactly. Most people are rational and can see through all this bs, right? I sure hope so. The country will implode quickly at this pace. I’m sure the world is looking on in shock. Putin is laughing his ass off. China sees us as a weak target. This can’t be real!

  29. “The players are ready to discuss moving the game…” says Tony Clark.
    Really? “The players”?
    Okay douchebag…karma’s gonna be a bitch when salaries crash and ipso facto, union dues start to plummet. You think these ego-shmucks give a chit about “the union”.
    Hasta la vista, Tony Clark.
    Might take a year or two…

  30. The stakes are higher and the left’s position less palatable than the North Carolina bathroom issue. And I don’t see how a national business like mlb can survive basing distribution on partisan review of state legislation. This smells like the work of newly hired mlb consultant and Brookline/yale socialist Theo Epstein, who worked for two of the four or five franchises that would he immune to taking partisan positions particularly for Dems. For the other organizations I hope it breaks them so that a message is sent on corporate partisanship.

  31. I can’t wait for the the next baseball strike when the owners show diminishing financial returns and the players with their heads up their ass still demand more money. I mean, I won’t be missing anything anyways then since I quit mlb altogether when my Giants and the league went full woke.

  32. Tried to cancel my w sox tickets today. Phones were jammed for 10 minutes and then hung up. Guess I’m not the only one done with woke sports.

    Say goodbye to your anti trust protections MLB.

  33. MLB is not looking long term and the implications of their “values” decision to disenfranchise legal voters. They are now the puppet of the Dems so when MLB gets out of line look for the woke politicians to start moving on baseballs Anti-Trust exemption. It is just a matter of time. I am done with MLB but will follow their continued downfall as a business.

  34. They used to say, “as American as Mom, baseball and apple pie”. Mom has lost her gender, apple pie comes from the frozen food aisle and baseball now supports socialism and anti-American terrorist (BLM) groups.

  35. Shocking to me. This is cancel culture on steroids. A corporation doing all it can to cancel a state. Taking significant revenue from the state, its great cities, its amazing businesses, its great people; all because that state legally passed legislation, which is their right to do, also which the state felt was best for them, but didn’t align perfectly with one political parties agenda. Amazing, and disappointing.

  36. Another sport I will not watch. I don’t drink soda so I don’t worry about Coke and I won’t ever fly Delta. By the way, Delta’s CEO looks like a chubby white sissy boy as he announced his company’s position on Georgia’s law.

    • And where the heck is Delta’s ceo FROM? He has a thick accent, lecturing Americans, obviously hasn’t spent most of his life IN America…but is going to weigh in on our freaking voting policies? So typical. Just another elitist who wants to create a new peasantry here he can lord over. Think again.

  37. Oh the irony…. Coke pretends to have a moral compass regarding voting laws. Yet their soft drink products lead to diabetes and other health issues. Also, will Biden boycott the Olympics in China where their is genocide? Probably not

  38. Politics isn’t ruining sports. Politics is exposing sports.
    Let’s be honest, the product these days is mostly crap. NBA games are all three-point shooters missing 60% of their shots, with no-contact “defense” and little to differentiate one team from another.
    MLB games drag on for 3-4 hours with a squadron of pitchers per team per game and batters who swing wildly or stand around with the bats on their shoulders to run up pitch counts. Fewer balls put into play than ever, which is coma-inducing if you’re a ticket buyer or viewer. And then the widdle babies need HQ to legislate against defensive shifts because they can’t learn to hit the ball to the opposite field.
    If free of politics, some tradition and loyalty might have kept people going out to the ballpark — and guess what, unwittingly talking to people sitting nearby with whom they share no political viewpoints. That’s what sports used to foster.
    Now, the crappy product has to survive its miserable faults AND tell half the fans they’re racists who aren’t smart enough to take bold, virtuous stands on every issue, all in one direction?
    These sports league aren’t nearly good enough to overcome that.
    Too stupid to breathe.

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