Chris Davis Is The New 'Bobby Bonilla' Deal

Move over Bobby Bonilla, Chris Davis may have just stolen the title for "best contract ever."

The former Baltimore Orioles catcher trending on Twitter today after it was confirmed that he would be receiving his deferred payments starting next year.

He will be receiving $42 million until 2037. And he doesn't have to play baseball, or do anything. Literally just chill all day and get paid millions every single year.

I definitely picked the wrong occupation.


Davis' payout is being likened to former MLB shortstop and outfielder Bobby Bonilla who historically signed one of the best contracts in history of the game. Best from his standpoint, but worst from the New York Mets.

Bonilla and his agent Dennis Gilbert were able to work out a contract addendum when the Mets released him in 2000. The team didn't want to pay him $5.9 million that they still owed him at the time. So instead, the then-Mets owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon, agreed to pay him $1.19 million every July 1st from 2011 through 2025. Geniuses, truly.

Bonilla's just bringing in money for doing nothing. When the Mets finally stop paying him, he'll be 72-years-old. Great job Mets.

To put that in a modern day perspective, when Aaron Judge's new contract ends in 2031, the Mets will STILL BE PAYING Bonilla for 4 more years!


The Orioles signed Chris Davis in 2008. At one time, he was one of the best hitters in baseball leading the majors in home runs twice in a three-year span (2013, 2015). For multiple years he averaged 39 home runs. However he retired in 2021 after ongoing hip issues.

Despite not playing last season, he was the Orioles' highest paid player.

There has to be no worse feeling for a fanbase (and the owners) than realizing you are just handing out money for nothing in return. Every year the Orioles will be cutting Davis a check until 2037, when he will be 51-years-old.

Want to rebuild? Well we'd love to but we have to pay someone who hasn't been here in years.

Who will the next Bobby Bonilla or Chris Davis be?

Based on the ridiculous contracts being given out these days in baseball, it may not be too far off. Perhaps the San Francisco Giants just did it by signing Carlos Correa to a 13-year $350 million deal that will see him on the team until he's 41-years-old.