Braves Ruin Cool Moment In MLB History During Second-To-Last Game Of The Year For Move That Didn't Work

The Braves ruined one of baseball's wildest streaks for absolutely no reason. Atlanta was just two games from MLB history but did not make it happen. It was — and is — a shame.

Through the first 160 games of the 2022 MLB season, the Braves had not laid down a sacrifice bunt. For those who don't know, a sac bunt is a batter's act of deliberately bunting the ball in a manner that allows a baserunner or baserunners to advance, and often results in an out.

Atlanta had not done it all season.

The Braves had already clinched a playoff spot. They had a chance to clinch the NL East with a win on Tuesday.


In turn, Atlanta chose to ignore history and tried to manufacture a run with a bunt. But it didn't even work.

During the fourth inning of game 161 on Tuesday, outfielder Michael Harris stepped up to the plate with runners on first and second and nobody out. He laid down a sac bunt and moved the runners.

The Atlanta Braves' decision to bunt in game 161 destroyed the streak. History was out of the window.

No team has ever gone an entire season without laying down a sacrifice bunt and the Braves ruined their chance to be the first.

To make things even worse, it was completely negligible in the end.

Harris was thrown out at first base for the first out of the inning. Robbie Grossman struck out for the second. Ronald Acuña Jr. was intentionally walked and loaded the bases. And then Dansby Swanson struck out to end the inning.

Atlanta did not score a run. The sacrifice bunt was irrelevant. It was not reflected in the final score.

The Braves wound up winning the game anyway and clinched the division. Those two things are far more important than a bunt, or lack there of, streak. That doesn't change the fact that Atlanta ruined history for no reason.